Monday, May 25, 2015

Emery Harper. Her first week.

My youngest babe, Emery, had a difficult time when she first entered the world.  She had lungs full of fluid and she was having a hard time breathing.  They knew pretty quickly that she was going to need to be transported to a different hospital.  

Once they knew I was going to be sectioned they had called a hospital in Little Rock to let them know that they may be needed.  So once the pediatrician made the call that she needed to go the helicopter was on its way.

Lonnie stayed with our sweet E the entire time.  A few days after their birth I finally got a chance to talk details with him about what all happened when she was born.  Even though he is a physician and has seen plenty of horrible things in his career, seeing his precious daughter being worked on the way they worked on her really traumatized him.  I could tell because he didn't really want to talk much about it.  But I made him because I wanted to know.

He stood back and watched the nursery nurses and the pediatrician do their jobs.  Our good friend, Karl, who is an ER doctor was right there with him ready to jump in and help if needed.  (I did not know this until much later)

Since her lungs were full of fluid they did chest compressions to help her try to expel some of it.  I think that is the thing that really sticks in Lonnie's head.  I know it sticks in mine and I didn't even see it happen.  I tear up just thinking about it.   They put her on oxygen immediately and started an IV although that took many attempts.  She was stable but she needed surfactant and the hospital where I delivered does not keep it around.  It is a very expensive drug and has the shelf life of milk.  Since they don't deliver many preemies they don't keep it.

When I made Lonnie leave the babies for just a minute to talk to me, he told me that Em would probably be intubated when they brought her in to see me.  I cried.  He explained that they have to intubate them because that is how they give the surfactant.  I hated that my girl was going to have to go through that but I just wanted her to be ok.  When they wheeled her in to see me she was not intubated she was just on nasal cannula oxygen.  The flight nurses explained that they would just do a quick intubation (in to give the meds and then right back out) once they got to Arkansas Children's Hospital.

I stroked her little foot because that is the only thing I could reach.  Looking back I feel like I was in such a fog.  I couldn't believe this was happening and it just didn't seem real.  I mean a couple of hours prior I was feeling fine and thinking I could make it a couple of more weeks!  You know how it is after you give almost doesn't seem real.  Then at some point it hits you.  And then you cry.  Or I do anyway!  

The helicopter took off with our daughter and Lonnie ran home to grab some clothes, talk to Blakely and then head straight to Little Rock to be with Emery.  When he got home we Face Timed with Blakely.  She didn't know that the babies had been born and I wanted to be the one to tell her.  The first thing she said was, "OUT?  The babies are out of your tummy?"  She was excited and I told her I would send her pictures as soon as I could. 

Lonnie left and went to be with Emery.  When he got there they were about to give her the surfactant.  Thankfully it made her breathe better almost immediately and they were able to extubate her quickly.  She was on a c-pap for a couple of days (this forces oxygen into the nose).

Over the next couple of days the doctors said she was progressing as expected.  She was having episodes of really rapid breathing and she was also having retractions.  Just looking at her it looked like she was working to breathe.  It is hard to explain but it looked like her chest was caving in a lot when she would try to breathe in.  They said that was normal and would get better over time but it freaked me out a bit.

She rested much easier on her tummy

Since I was still recovering in the hospital I could not go see my sweet girl.  Lonnie was with her the first couple of days but then he went back to work on Thursday (they were born on Monday) and he never got to hold her because she had a catheter in her umbilical artery.    The only way I stayed sane during those first few days was to watch the live camera feed that ACH offers.  They have a camera on each baby in the NICU and you can login and see your baby anytime you want.  I loved being able to see her.  I was spending so much time with Benton, staring at him and memorizing his face.  It made me cry because I didn't know what Emery looked like.  I had only seen her for a short minute and now she had a ton of stuff on her face and, well, I cried a lot.  But being able to watch her wiggle and try like crazy to pull out her tubes gave me some comfort.  Feisty girl.  The sweet nurses would leave us little notes and that would always make me smile.  Sometimes they would say I miss you Benton!  Love, Emery.  Other times they would say I love you Mom and Dad.  And then one day they left this one and we were so excited!  

We also had a few FaceTime dates when Lonnie was still with her.  

She moved from c-pap to nasal cannula on her 5th day of life and then quickly weaned off the nasal cannula after that, by the end of her first week.  She had catheters in her umbilical artery and one in her umbilical vein.  She also had an IV and they were giving her TPN through that.  She had a tube from her mouth to her stomach and they started giving her my breast milk through that when she was 3 days old.  They started with 5 mL and she did great with that so they slowly increased it over the next few days.

My girl was obviously hungry.  She would root around and try to eat her hands.  They gave her a pacifier while she was getting her feedings via the OG (orogastric) tube so she could associate sucking with a full tummy.  Sometimes I would check the live feed and she would be screaming her head off all because she lost her pacifier.  The nurse would come put it back and she would be fine.  

On Friday (actually Thursday evening but I couldn't travel until Friday) I was released from the hospital and I couldn't wait to go see my girl.  The logistics of trying to figure out how to make this happen were crazy.  At this point, Benton was still in the hospital in Hot Springs.  Since my goal was to exclusively breastfeed (both babies) I needed to leave enough milk for him to have one bottle.  So I fed him at 8am (took 30 minutes), pumped (took 15 minutes and prayed it would be enough to leave for him to have a bottle), loaded up the milk I was taking to Emery and left (around 9am).  I had to be back by the 2pm feeding.  They wanted me to leave minimum 30 mL of milk for him at the 11am feeding.  I had enough to leave him 34 mL and the rest was going to Emery.  My milk was just starting to come in so literally every single drop counted.  This was the second day Em was getting breast milk and they had enough at ACH to finish her 8am feeding that day and then they were out.  I was taking more for her next feedings.  The timing of everything was crucial and very stressful!  

My mother in law drove me the hour to Little Rock since I couldn't drive.  I cried a few times on the way there.  I was nervous for some reason.  I guess I just didn't know what to expect.  They had removed her umbilical artery catheter earlier that day so I knew I may get to hold her.  That is all I wanted.  To hold her and stare at her.  

And I did!  It is pretty weird to see your daughter really for the first time when she is 3 days old.  It was kind of a realization of, okay, I did have 2 babies!  I cried some more.  Theme?  Yes.  It was hard to see her face with all the tubes and such but I could tell immediately that she and her brother looked nothing alike.  There was something about her that reminded me of Blakely but I wasn't sure what it was.  I never wanted to let her go.  It was so hard to leave her but I knew I had to get back to Benton.  The nurses there are so wonderful so I felt like I was leaving her in good hands.  I couldn't wait until I could get back to her.  

Towards the end of her first week Lonnie and I were getting worried that her breathing was just staying the same and not really getting any better.  Still with the episodes of rapid breathing and still having retractions.  They assured us that she was getting better just slowly.  She was doing GREAT with her feedings from her tube and they continued to increase the amount of breast milk until she was at a full feeding.  They said it would just take time for her to mature.  She was only 34 weeks 1 day when she was born.  

So that was Emery's first week of life.  It started off scary but she got the medication she needed and she was in the best hospital she could be in.  She was making progress and was only on nasal cannula to room air for breathing (the minimum) and was tolerating her feedings well.  All that we could ask for!  I'll stop here and post about her 2nd week soon.  Up next...Ben man's first week!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

First things first...The Birth Story!

On Monday April 27th I had an appointment with the doctor for my 34 week check up.  I felt great that day.  Better than I had felt in quite some time.  My contractions were very much under control and besides just being in pain from carrying around 10 pounds of baby I was feeling good.  For the first time in weeks I was not expecting a change at the appointment (this should have been my biggest clue!).

My last belly pic the day I turned 34 weeks.  The babies were born the next day.  

I arrived at 2:00 for my non stress test and then I was to see Dr. C after that.  They had some trouble getting both babies to show up on the NST.  We could hear both of their heartbeats and they were both variable which is good but it would not print out as two separate babies on the strip because their machine is not that great for twins.  The nurse and doctor both tried and decided to just have me run over to the hospital for 15 minutes after my exam since their machine was much better for twins.  The hospital is connected to their office so it wasn't a big deal to just walk over there real quick.  They assured me nothing was wrong and I wasn't worried because I could hear their heartbeats and they varied with their movement each time...the whole point of a NST.  

Then I went into the exam room and the nurse took my blood pressure.  It was a little high.  I think about 138/90-something.  My bp runs low during pregnancy and the highest it had been was like 112/70-ish.  I knew it was from laying on my back for 10 minutes right before that when they were trying to do the NST.  We were going to recheck it after Dr. C checked my cervix.

He came in and I laid back and he did the checking.  ;)  It went something like this.  

Me: OW
Him: Well it looks like we are the the same....
Him:  Hmmm...So you are 3 cm dilated.  That changes things.  (I had been a 1 for weeks)
Him:  (Finally stopping the longest most painful cervical check ever)  How are the contractions?  Blah blah blah talk talk talk....more talk talk talk.  
Me:  (finally sitting up and shaking the stars out of my head so I don't pass out)  I have no idea what you said so you are going to have to repeat that!  

Basically I was 3 cm and since I was going to the hospital for the NST he thought we should just put me on the monitor for a little bit and check the contractions.  Fine by me.  I thought that was a great idea.  I told him the contractions had been great for the last 48 hours...only about every 10-20 minutes and not painful.  Then he told the nurse to get a wheelchair for me and they would wheel me over.  This maybe should have tipped me off that things were not going to go like I thought but it didn't.  As I was being wheeled out he asked me when the last time I ate was.  I told him and he said nothing more to eat or drink.  Then he handed me back the paperwork I had given to him earlier in the appointment about storing the cord blood.  He said take this because we may not need it (I needed him to sign it then I was going to fax it to the cord blood people and they would send me a kit for the cord blood to be banked when the babies were born).  I looked at him and told him he was freaking me out.  He told me not to freak, of course, but this was the first time I thought...hmmmmm...this doesn't seem right.

They wheeled me through the waiting room so I could tell Jenni (she had driven me there) to go get Blakely because I was going to be monitored at the hospital for a little bit.  I was very calm but she got a little panicky.  I told her it was fine and I would call her if/when I needed her to come get me.  Ha!  

When I got to labor and delivery my super awesome wonderful nurse, Susie, that helped deliver Blakely was there.  LOVE HER.  She got me all situated on the monitor and I was contracting every 5 minutes.  That didn't bother me at all because I swear I had been doing that for weeks on and off.  She asked me a bunch of questions and then made me sign a bunch of stuff.  I could tell she was prepping for babies to be born.  I asked her about it and she said she just wanted to be prepared just in case.  I agreed.  So I signed the consents for a c-section (both babies were breech).  After about 10 minutes I straight up asked her if she thought I was having babies today.  She smiled and said she thought there was a high probability that I would.  She told me that Dr. C would be over soon to check me again and if there had been ANY progress at all then we would be delivering the babies.  This is when I had my first reality check.  HOLY.  I may be having 34 week babies.  I need to call Lonnie!  I asked my nurse if I should tell him to come right now or was it okay for him to come when he got off work.  At this point it was 3:30 and he got off at 5:00.  She said you need to tell him to come now if he can.  So he did.  Then I called my mom and she left work to come to the hospital.  

I remember just sitting there thinking "is this really happening"?  I felt fine.  I was only a 3.  People walked around for weeks at a 3, right?  Why the rush to get the babies out?

A short time after Lonnie got there, so about 4:00 and about 45 minutes after I arrived at L&D, the contractions got intense all of the sudden.  My nurse was in there and as soon as the first one peaked I said "okay, that really hurt".  I thought it was just a random painful one.  No.  No no no.  From here on out they were painful.  

This was my next reality check.  Why are these all the sudden hurting oh so bad.  They were way more intense than any I had been having at home.  

Soon after this Dr. C came in to check me...maybe 30 minutes after the contractions geared up and about an hour or so after I got to L&D.  I knew this was the moment.  The moment I would find out if I was going to have 34 week preemie babes or if all this was just going to slow down.  I think deep down I knew.  He waited for my contraction to stop and then checked me.  I was almost a 6 and 100% effaced.  (I was a 3 and 80% in the office about an hour prior).  I was in active labor.  The hospital ships moms in labor out if they are before 34 weeks and not in active labor.  I was 34 weeks 1 day and definitely in active labor so I was going to be delivering there (in Hot Springs) for sure.  No one would transport me since I had had such a huge change in a short amount of time AND the babies were breech.  

I felt comfortable delivering there although I was very nervous about it.  I mean I was happy I made it to 34 weeks but that is still too early.  I worried they would have trouble once they were born.  They told me they contacted the hospital in Little Rock (an hours drive) and if there were any problems after the twins were born the helicopter would be sent immediately.  Lonnie and Dr. C contacted the pediatrician and he came to the delivery.  

Once I knew the babies were going to be born it was all really a blur.  I was in pain and things were happening fast.  I asked my nurse when we would do the section.  She said we would have babies in less than 30 minutes.  Ummm....whoa!  I didn't realize we were going so fast but I am glad they did because I think the babies were ready to get the heck out.  I was hurting so bad and I remember asking 50 times if they could take the belts off my belly.  Those were making the pain of the contractions even worse.  I was very very ready for my spinal.  

Very soon they wheeled me back to the OR and Lonnie was with me the whole time.  On the way is when I realized I was about to have major surgery.  I hadn't really thought about c-sections even though I knew it was a possibility and a more than likely outcome for this pregnancy.  I hadn't read a thing about them so I didn't really know what to expect except what you see on TV (basically exactly the same).  They FINALLY took those belts off and I got a little bit of relief in between contractions.  They gave me the spinal and it was immediate sweet relief from the pain.  A really really weird feeling but the pain was gone and I was happy for that.  They laid me down on the table and got me all strapped in and draped, etc.  I started shaking really bad but they told me that was normal.  I just closed my eyes instead of watching the flurry of activity because that was making me nervous. 

At one point, my amazing nurse asked if I could feel what she was doing.  I told her I could tell she was doing something but I didn't know what it was.  She said, "well I just put your catheter in" and I told her I definitely did not feel that!  Once that was done we were all set to go.  

Lonnie was beside me but he also watched the whole thing.  I was doing okay until I smelled the burning flesh from the device they use to cut you open.  I have been in on multiple surgeries so I knew exactly what was happening.  This smell sent me through the roof.  I knew too much and this was something I never realized.  I was having major surgery while I was wide awake.  TERRIBLE!  I mean I wanted to be awake to see my babies but let me tell you I was oh so ready for the surgery to be over.  All I could think about was what they were doing and it was difficult for me not to want to puke and/or pass out.  

After what seemed like forever, although Lonnie assures me it was only a few minutes and the whole thing went really fast, Dr. C said I was going to feel a lot of pressure as they pulled out the first baby.  

Benton Parker.  My tiny man.  Born at 5:14 pm and weighing 4 pounds 13 ounces and 18 inches long.  

The first time I saw him.  It was about 3-4 hours after he was born.  

They told me he was out and I could feel much less pressure on my lungs.  He screamed and they whisked him away to the room next door to check him out.  I did not get to see him.  

Then 2 minutes later they said I would feel more pressure as baby girl was coming out.  I immediately felt like I could breathe again when she came out.  Everyone in the room said, "oh she is definitely the chunkier one".  

Emery Harper.  Born at 5:16 pm weighing 5 pounds 7 ounces and 17 inches long.  

I remember being worried by this because preemie white boys typically have the hardest time.  So now my little Benton was a preemie AND he was the smaller twin.  Little did I know it was going to be the opposite.  She did not cry and I did not get to see her.  They whisked her away to the next room to be checked out by the pediatrician.  

Lonnie went with the babies as planned while they sewed me back up.  This seemed to take forever although Lonnie said it was really fast.  At some point while Dr. C was doing that Lonnie came back in to tell me something.  He said that Emery was having difficulty breathing and she needed a drug called surfactant.  She would have to be flown to Little Rock to get it.  He calmly explained that she was fine and this was just mainly a "precaution".  When Lonnie explains things calmly it freaks me out.  When things get crazy he gets very calm so I barely believed him that everything was a "precaution".  At this point he said they weren't sure if Benton would need to go too.  

At some point during the section, I think after the babies were out, I started having really bad shoulder pain.  They warned me of this and they gave me some pain meds once it got too intense.

Once they were done they wheeled me back to my room and there were a slew of family and friends in there.  I was in a haze.  I kind of remember talking to people but really I think everyone just talked to each other.  I mainly remember thinking I just had 2 babies.  I want them with me right now.  I want Lonnie and he was with the babies.  I just felt so weird.  I felt alone in a room full of people. 

At one point I made someone go get Lonnie because it seemed like it had been forever since I knew what was going on.  He came in to talk to me and everyone left.  He updated me and said the helicopter was almost there.  Soon after he said it I could hear it landing outside.  He said Benton was not going to Arkansas Children's Hospital and that they would bring him to me later.  He made me feel better but I was still very worried about my girl and I wanted to hold my boy.  

The helicopter crew brought Em in the room to see me once they had her all loaded up in the box that the babies fly in.  I could barely see her but I could touch her foot.  They explained all the things to me but I didn't hear a word.  I just stared at my girl.  

This is getting lengthy so this seems like a good stopping point.  I want to do a detailed post about each baby in their first few days so that is up next.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The twinks are here! And a whole lot of other craziness...

I have so much I want/need to share on the blog.  I plan on writing out some detailed posts but for now I want to get you all caught up on the gist of what's been going on.  I don't have much time so I may ramble!  

The last time I blogged was when I was 32 weeks.  As you all know I had been having contractions a lot and was on medication for them every 6 hours.  

I had my 34 week checkup on Monday, April 27th.  I am going write the twins birth story in a separate post so I will keep it short for now.  I felt better going into that appointment than I had felt in weeks.  I had been a steady 1 cm dilated and the contractions had seemed to level out a bit.  I was thinking I could go on like this for weeks.  Well, not so much.  I went to the appointment that afternoon and I had babies 2 hours later.  CRAZY.  

Benton Parker was born first via C-section at 5:15 pm.  He weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces and was 17 inches long.  My tiny man cried but I did not get to see him as they quickly took him to the room next door to check him out.  

Emery Harper was born 2 minutes later weighing 5 pounds 7 ounces and 18 inches long.  She did not cry and they whisked her away to check her out as well.  

Lonnie went to be with our babies as was planned while I was being sewn up.  A couple of minutes later (I really have no idea of how long...seemed like eternity) Lonnie came back in and and calmly explained that Emery was going to need to go to Children's hospital because she was having trouble breathing.  I knew this was a possibility since they were early so I didn't freak out too much (riiiight).  

Once the section was over I was taken back to my room to wait.  I heard the helicopter land and I knew it was for my sweet Em.  Shortly after that they brought her in to see me quickly before taking her to Arkansas Children's Hospital (an hour away).  She was in the giant box they travel with so I could barely see her but I did get to touch her foot for about a minute.  

A few hours later I got to hold my little Benton boy.  

Things have been crazy this week having three children in three different places.  Benton was in the hospital with me, Em at ACH and Blakely at home.  We got to bring Ben man home Sunday night after 7 days in the hospital.  Blakely is thrilled with this but keeps asking when sister can come home from the other hospital.  Emery is still at Children's and we do not know a timetable for her coming home.  Detailed post on her to come but she is doing well.  She is not on any breathing support anymore and is getting my breast milk through a tube that goes from her mouth to her tummy.  I am headed up there this evening to try "non nutritive breastfeeding" with her.  Basically I pump and then after that we get her latched on.  Then they start her tube feed.  This is so she can begin to associate sucking with a full tummy without the risk of aspiration.  She has episodes where she breathes too fast and that mixed with learning to swallow lots of milk coming at her puts her at risk for aspiration.  We don't want that!

Both babies are getting my breast milk, Benton via nursing and Emery via her OG tube.  So far I am keeping up but it is crazy town.  A post on the boobs to come as well.  The logistics of breastfeeding 2 babies and hour apart is a little nuts but I am pretty determined to make this work and give them both what they need.

I can't wait to go see her tonight.  There are only a few opportunities for me to get up there to see her and I try to take advantage of each one.  I can't drive yet so I have to get someone to take me.  I have to have someone watch Blakely and Benton.  At this point the only person I trust to be able to handle that is Lonnie so I am going when he is not working.  He was off for a couple of days after the twins were born and while I was still in the hospital and he never left Em's side.  Now he is back at work and is having a hard time not seeing her.  Hopefully this weekend we can both go up together.  I also have to time it perfectly with Benton's feedings as I want to give as much of my pumped milk to Emery as possible.  I only want to leave one bottle for Benners so she can have the rest and I can nurse him when I get home.  Just typing all this out I can't believe I am doing this.  Seriously.  

The only thing keeping me sane since I can't see her all the time is the live feed ACH offers. They have a camera set on your baby and it updates with a new picture every 3 seconds.  So I can log on anytime I want and see her.  I don't know what I would do without that camera feed.  

So there is a recap of what has been going on here.  Thanks for all of your support though various other social media outlets.  Blog friends are the best.  I hope to get out a few more posts this week because I have a lot to say!  I am so thankful my babies are here and doing well.  I can't wait unit we are all under one roof! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

32 weeks!

How Far Along:  32 weeks!  Very excited about this.  Now if we can just make it 2 more weeks I'll be even more excited!

Maternity Clothes: I have about 2 things that fit and I wear them to the doctor.  Other than that I am in pajama pants/leggings and Lonnie's shirts...which are getting a bit too short in the front.  

Sleep: oh sleep.  Hit or miss really.  The last few nights I have slept in 15-20 minute increments which is pretty rough.  I wake up with either a painful contraction, back pain or hip pain that feels like my leg is falling off.  But when I am asleep I sleep hard!  Ha!  

Best Moment of the Week:  My appointment last Monday.  Tiny backstory since I haven't blogged about it.  When I went for my 30 week appointment I was "1/2 of a centimeter" dilated.  Since there had been a change in my cervix and I was still contracting quite a bit he started me taking the procardia 3 times a day (every 8 hours).  I contracted like crazy for the next 2 days coming very close to going to the hospital.  When I went back for my 31 week appointment I was really nervous that my cervix would have changed because the contractions seemed to have picked up.  And to be honest they can be pretty painful sometimes.  But I was only at a 1 which was minimal change so I was super happy about that.  I had a dream that I was like 5 cm and had to be taken to Little Rock so I nearly cried when he said I was a 1.  Whew.  

We also got an ultrasound to check the growth of the babes and they looked great.  Still both measuring big which is great and each a little over 4 pounds.  Baby sister has now joined her brother and flipped breech.  So that explains why I can't eat or breathe much..I have two large heads under my ribcage.  If brother flips head down then we can go for a vaginal delivery.  If he does not then it will be c-section.  Not worrying myself over this at the moment.  

**went to the dr agin today and there has been no change!  So we are hanging in there.  Super pumped about this**

Movement Yes.  I do feel like it has slowed a little but then right when I think that they start squirming around in there.  Lots of little twist and turns instead of the big head butts.  

Symptoms Nothing really new I guess.  Just contractions all the live long day.  

What I Miss:  I do miss being able to move my body.  Once I get comfortable then I am not moving until I absolutely have to.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I only really want cold food.  Probably has something to do with the reflux.  

What I'm Looking Forward to:  Well snuggling these sweet babes soon!  And putting the finishing touches on their room...although some of that may not happen until after they are here since I can't really go downstairs.      

Milestones:   I am just so happy to be at 32 weeks.  Each day and week from here on out just means the babies will have gained more weight.  My ideal goal is 36 weeks but I will be so happy for 34 weeks.  We can do this!  

Sanity:  I thought I would add this little section.  My sanity is holding up.  I am on my 4th week of bed rest.  I know this is what I have to do and I am trying not to complain.  But it does get a little boring laying on the couch all day and night.  It is hard to let all these people come in and out of my house daily to help take care of Blakely.  I am so thankful I have the help but I really miss being able to do these things myself.  I don't consider myself a control freak but after the last couple of weeks I realize that I really do like being in control of certain things!!!!  I know I will look back on this time and it will seem like it was so short.  I am trying to focus on that and just get through each day.  I miss playing with my girl.  I miss getting out of the house.  We are almost there.  I can do this.  Sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk.  ;)  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Let it go

So, yeah, when you are on bed rest and can only get up to pee or take a quick shower you REALLY have to let a few things go.  We are two weeks into this and I think I am doing good not letting little things stress me out anymore (dirty dishes left on the coffee table !*&&^%$&!$$%).  

The first week was difficult and I probably drove Lonnie crazy telling him what to do.  Pick that up, take this in there, no Blakely can not wear that, you have to clean before Juanet comes to clean!  He looked at me like I was crazy.  But now I just forget about all of that.  We can live in a crazy house for a while.  We have people coming to help us clean (Juanet and Brenda) so in between it's fiiiiiiine if you can't see the floor or the kitchen counter and the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes piled up like a mountain.  Fiiiiine.  Totally fine.

I have also had to just deal with Blakely picking out her own clothes.  She is MAJOR into clothes and wants to change her outfit at least 3 times a day and no on else can have a say in her choices.  She and I had a deal where I got to pick out her clothes unless she was going to Jenni's or GranDi's house.  That was working well.  But now with Lonnie or a grandparent getting her dressed in the morning they just let her decide.  It's crazy what she walks upstairs wearing some days.  It drove me nuts at first buuuuuuut....letting it go.  

I also hate not being in control of what Blakely eats.  Generally she eats well but she has been getting a LOT more treats.  I haven't been going to the store and I am so thankful to have had people go for me.  So I can't complain too much when they come home with gummy treats and jello and sugary cereal.  Alllll temporary....letting it go.

And then there is me.  Do you have any idea when the last time I shaved my legs was?  Yeah, me neither.  I've worn the same leggings for 2 weeks only taking them off twice to wash them.  My feet and toes are totally nasty.  I was planning on getting a pedicure on my birthday but I wasn't feeling well.  TOTALLY REGRETTING THAT.  It is sandal weather now and I refuse to wear actual shoes now because I can't bend down to tie them...slipping on sandals sounds so much easier.  I got Lonnie to clip my toenails and paint them.  Love that man.  

So I really have nothing to complain about because I have all these awesome people taking care of me, my husband and my daughter.  But I would be LYING to your face if I said that it wasn't hard to relinquish some of the control I have over my own household.  It is getting a little easier because I realize that I have no other choice.  My job right now is to rest, relax and keep these babies growing inside of me.  So I am focusing on that because that is the most important thing.  

Monday, March 30, 2015

Garage Sale

I am happy to say that we finally were able to have the garage sale.  So my house is cleaned out and that just makes my nesting heart oh so happy.  It all worked out pretty well even though I went on bed rest the week before we had it scheduled.  

Jennifer, the organizer that I hired, and I had already gone through every single room in the house and culled out garage sale stuff and priced it.  She then also organized what was to be kept in each room.  The week before the garage sale was spent (me on the couch) with her bringing all the stuff up to the garage and getting it ready to be put out.  We priced a few last minute things and Sarah came over and made the signs and organized the baby clothes to be sold.  Blakely helped with that.

I put an ad in the paper and Jennifer put the signs out the night before.  I have never done a garage sale and I really only did it because I thought it was the best way to get rid of some of my stuff.  And I never would have done it without her help.  We had so much stuff.  And not junky stuff either!  Lots of home decor items, Christmas decor, kitchen items, baby girl clothes, luggage, bags/purses, a ton of wine and martini glasses sold as sets and some random tools, puzzles, cookbooks and craft supplies.  I advertised that it started at 8 knowing people would show up early....and they did...about 7 cars by 715.  I was so surprised at how many people we had.  Literally 6-10 people here all the time for almost 4 hours.  Jennifer and Lonnie worked it while my mother in law watched Blakely and I "bed rested".  

Could not have done it without her!  

We sold almost everything.  We may have one truckload of stuff to haul off...mainly tv's...hard to even give those away!  And y'all, we made $850!  I was so shocked!  I would have been happy with anything because, honestly, I paid Jennifer to do a lot of the work so it's not like I was planning on coming out on top.  BUT I TOTALLY DID.  The sale paid for what I had paid to Jennifer plus she did other things besides just garage sale stuff.  Total freaking win.  

I am so happy to have that over with.  Now my garage is cleaned out but more importantly the new playroom is cleaned out!  Once we sell the actual bar that was in there we can really turn it into a playroom.  That will be slow going because I can't do much but I have a bare minimum that I require before the babes get here and I know we can at least get that done.  Move the couch down there, get a tv and a large rug and then move the majority of Blakely's large toys from the living room to there.  So that's not asking much, right?  

Zeeee house is coming right along and just in time!  Whoop!  

30 weeks

How Far Along:  30 weeks!  So happy to have a 3 in front of those numbers.  

Maternity Clothes Since I'm on bed rest I live in leggings and Lonnie's shirts.  Don't see that changing any time soon.  Although I did put on one of my shirts that still fits for the garage sale this weekend...and so I could take this picture!  ha!  

Weight Gain:  I had lost weight last week.  I wasn't surprised because I had been so nauseous.  The last few days I seem to have my appetite back so that is good!  Give me all the sour patch kids ever.  

Sleep: Meh.  It comes and goes.  The couple of days after I got the steroid shots sleep was horrible of course.  Now it's okay.  I sleep hard but just wake up a million times to adjust.  Hip pain is the culprit.  

Best Moment of the Week: Just not going into labor is a great moment.  
Movement The movement has gone to a whole new level.  I mean babies everywhere.  Blakely has felt them a couple of times. It is pretty much constant motion of some sort.  Occasionally I feel like one of them is trying to escape through my belly button.  Speaking of belly button, it is pretty flat.  It always stayed an innie with Blakely but this pregnancy may make it stick on out.  ;)

Symptoms  all about the same as my last update.  reflux is worse mainly because of all the laying down.  I am pretty uncomfortable but I really don't care.  As long as the babies keep growing and stay in there I will take all the pain and discomfort.  

What I Miss:  playing with Blakely.  :(  She is being a trooper but I know she misses me getting down on the floor and playing with her.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I really want a huge salad.  I know that's random  but I haven't had one in a while because lettuce is about the absolute worst thing for indigestion.  

Gender: boy and girl.  They MAY have names.  We are giving them a test drive and seeing how they work ;)

What I'm Looking Forward to the new crib is being delivered this week and Blakely's furniture is as well!  Fun!  

Weekly Wisdom: RELAX

Milestones:   getting to 30 weeks.  This means we have MAX 8 weeks left and more than likely 6-7 at the most.  This is getting crazy close.