Wednesday, April 6, 2016

still here!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello!  We are still here and doing well.  I haven't figured out how to fit blogging into my everyday life with 3 kids but maybe one day I will.  For now here is a picture taken on Easter of my crew!  

and another one on my birthday!

Friday, January 15, 2016

7 and 8 months old!

Well the 7 month update just slipped right by me..ha!  The twins were 7 months old on November 27 and I completely forgot to take their picture.  It has been a whirlwind the last couple of months so I am just going to combine these two updates and go with it!  I don't have much time to blog but I do want to document some things here so here goes!  

8 months old on December 27!

FEEDING:  The babies eat great.  They nurse 7 times a day but some days just 6 as we are trying to head in that direction.  

We started giving them solids at the beginning of November.  The first thing they had was acorn squash.  Benton LOVES food and Emery is not the biggest fan.  He will eat anything I try to feed him but Emery has to be in the mood.  Besides squash they have had carrots, green beans, peas, apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes.  I can usually get Emery to eat a couple of bites and then Benton just eats the rest of it.  

We got highchairs for Christmas and I LOVE THEM

This was when we were out for breakfast at our favorite place.  We gave them gravy since it was the first thing Blakely had.  Sappy, I know.  Benton wasn't sure...Emery loved it.  Since then totally opposite.  (no gravy though!)

I am making the baby food just like I did with Blakely.  I spent one afternoon boiling, steaming and baking all the food.  Then I puree it and freeze it in ice cubes trays.  Once frozen, I pop them out and put them in ziplocs in the freezer.  So easy and makes a bunch so I have only had to do it once in 2 months.

SLEEPING:  Oh these babies are so different in this category.  Whew.  Benton sleeps great for naps during the day.  Emery fights naps but eventually gives it up.  They take 3 naps per day with the last one being a cat nap in the evening (Emery fights this one the most but she just can't make it to bedtime without it).  

The night sleeping.  Oh the night sleeping.  Emery has always been great at this.  Put her down at 830 and she sleeps until 7-730.  Benton wakes up at least once to eat.  Then they got sick in December.  Both had ear infections.  Emery would not sleep laying down...I guess the pressure on her ear or something?  Anyway, so she's been waking up multiple times a night.  Benton got an ear infection about a week after her and started waking up multiple times at night.  I couldn't just let them cry because I knew they didn't feel good.  So it has been a REALLY rough 6-8 weeks of no sleep for me.  

Benton is finally better and off his antibiotics.  Emery got another ear infection and is on a second round of antibiotics BUT no one is sleeping.  I am pretty much at the end of my rope on the no sleep.  I feel like a zombie every single day and it is really wearing on me.  I am determined to make them sleep at night...New Year's Resolution!  Ha!  

When I feed them early in the morning between 6 and 7 I just put them in bed with me and lay down to nurse.  Sometimes they both fall back asleep and those are the best snuggles in the entire world.  I will miss it so much when they stop doing this.  

CLOTHING:  They both wear 9 month clothes but if they don't have a cloth diaper on then those are too big.  Emery can really fit in 6 month stuff if it weren't for the big booty diapers.  

DIAPERS:  Cloth diapers during the day and a (size 2) disposable at night.  

WEIGHT: I am guessing Emery is about 14 pounds and a few ounces and Benton is getting close to 16 pounds.  We've been to the doctor for sickies a couple of times and they weighed close to that with their clothes and diaper.  

HEIGHT: Another guess but probably an inch or so long her than at their 6 month check up. SO Emery 26 1/2 and Benton 27 1/2.

HAIR:  Benton's hair appears to be darker that Emery's.  Hers is growing super fast and hangs down over her ears now.  

EYES:  both have blue eyes with Benton's being a darker blue.  I think Emmmers is going to have the bluest eyes of any of us.  

These babies think I am hilarious!  

A few things about Benton:

  • he is the sweetest boy.  I mean seriously.  He just smiles at me and it kills me every time.  

  • he is so content.  I can set him down with a toy and he is happy to play with that toy for a long time.  
  • he has 2 teeth.  He got the first one (bottom left) on 12-15 and the second one (bottom right) on 12-20.  
  • he started sitting up unassisted just a few days after Thanksgiving (right at 7 months old)...a few days after his sister!  

  • he is close to crawling but doesn't really care about it much.  Like I said, he is content where you put him.  But if there is something he REALLY wants, like my phone or if he sees a pacifier, then he does army crawl over to get it.  He gets up on all fours sometime and rocks back and forth.  He scooches backwards when he is on all fours and that kinda makes him mad because he ends up backed up against something.  
  • we call him Benny mostly but he does have a few other nicknames.  Benners, Benny-boo, and Ben-man are the most common.  
  • this boy is finally not snotty.  he had an ear infection but antibiotics cleared that up.  he now has fluid behind both ears but it is not infected.  if we can keep him from getting a cold, etc then that should go away.  PLEASE!
  • he kicks his little legs when he gets excited.  Blakely did the same thing and I had forgotten it until he started doing it.  

A few things about Emery:

  • she is never still.  this was the best I could get of her laying on the blanket!  

  • she is going to make me go gray.  before she could sit up she would get so mad that she couldn't.  Now that she can sit up she is mad that she can't crawl.  She just wants to go places.  Until she can run around as fast as her sister she will not be satisfied! 
  • she wants to be in on the action.  if we are in the kitchen then she wants to be there.  Basically she wants all the attention!  
not laying on this blanket, mom

  • she has one tooth (bottom right 12-22) but she is working on a few more.  she chews and slobbers on everything
  • she started sitting up by herself right at Thanksgiving (7 months old).  
  • my poor girl has been snotty for a month.  bless her.  her very first ear infection was so bad.  it came on so quick.  she woke up snotty one morning with no other symptoms.  by the next morning she was lethargic, inconsolable and a fever that wouldn't quit.  i took her in a rush to the doctor when she refused to eat and was so limp I couldn't really rouse her.  it was pretty scary for this mama.  severe ear infection it was and they thought it would rupture but we avoided that.  shot of antibiotics in the office and a bunch of motrin for fever and pain and she was a little better.  we also had ear drops for pain and those helped her a lot.  now we are on our second ear infection but this one wasn't as bad and we are almost done with abx so hopefully the sickies will go away and stay away.  Blakely never had an ear infection so this is all new to me and I don't like it!
  • Oh sweet little Emery has a lot of nicknames.  The most common ones we use are Em-doodle, Sue (no idea), Sue-doodle, Rem, Rem-turkey, Rem-a-lem, Emmers and Emmy.  
  • she is oh so close to legit crawling.  I give it days.  she gets where she wants by getting on all fours and then pushing forward, landing on her tummy and then doing it all over again.  Sometimes she does a real crawl on hands and knees but she hasn't mastered staying that way yet.  Soon.  oh so soon. 

she has been getting on all fours and even doing a little plank since she was 6 months old.  

The both love their big sister so much even though she sometimes throws them around like rag dolls.  Haha!  Just kidding.  Although she thinks they are big enough now for her to pick up.  I keep telling her no but I have to watch her like a hawk.  They are getting to the age where she likes playing with them and especially making them laugh.  I love seeing them all three together.  I am the luckiest.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas was, of course, wonderful this year.  It was fast and furious and I am happy to have the holidays behind us even though they were super fun.  I love it but there is so much to do and so little time to do it.  All I can say is thank goodness for P.rime!  

matching pajamas forever.  

We always have a dinner on Christmas Eve and this year we had that at Jenni's house.  My brother was in town for the first time in a year and a half and we were so happy to have him.  He stayed with my mom and they came over during the day Christmas Eve so he could hang with us and my kids.  Then we went to Jenni's and it was great.  The babies did good even though it was a late night for them.  When we got home we put all the kids to bed and then Santa came.  
Blakely was SO excited to match Emery.  

And then she was over pictures....

I think Uncle Matty played play doh with her the entire time.  

For Christmas Day we typically have brunch at my mom's house and then hang out all day.  Well I decided this year it would be easiest to do it at my house.  That way the babies were in their element and had all of their things.  I could easily put them down for a nap when needed and I wouldn't have to pack up my whole house for a few hours at my mom's!  Also, Lonnie had to work Christmas Day so I would have been doing all of that by myself.  Not fun.  I am so glad we did it this way and I think we will continue each year!  

My mom and brother spent the night with us on Christmas Eve that way they could see the Santa stuff and then we would all exchange presents before the rest of the family got here.  It worked out great and I know they both really enjoyed it.  Especially seeing Blakely's sleepy face when she realized that Santa came....and that he did good.  ;)

I think these two things were Blakely's favorite presents.  My mom got her the sleeping bag with pillow and I got her the suitcase.  She has slept with the sleeping bag every single night since.  And she packs up the suitcase multiple times a day :/

We all had to wear a tiara...

Brunch was wonderful.  We hung out in the living room and everyone opened their gifts (we draw names).  Then we just enjoyed each other's company and everyone got plenty of baby time until it was time to eat again.  Ha!  


so proud of my brother and I love how he loves my babies.  

I love this picture.  She is wearing a dress that is 2 sizes too small, a gold tiara to mach the gold sparkles on the dress, her new gold sparkly shoes and she was singing something while playing.  It is just so Blakely.  

So yes, it was a lovely Christmas.  My kids were spoiled and my house is still a wreck but that's okay!  I think it is going to be a wreck for a couple more years before I can catch up.  I love this little family of mine!  

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

some catch up

This is the longest I have ever gone without posting.  Man I really want to still document here but, as with everyone else, there just seems to be no time to sit down to actually do it.  But today I do have a little time so I thought a little catch up post was in order!  

Let's see.  What has been going on around here since my last post in mid-November? 

We took a little trip to Branson, MO.  It is about 4 hours away for us and we had never been.  Well, actually Lonnie and I have been to Big Cedar many times before (which is close by) but never ventured into Branson.  We wanted to take Blakely somewhere and do some fun  things just for her.  She has adjusted to being a big sister really well but she definitely needs some Mommy and Daddy attention sometimes.  We took Brenda with us so she could watch the twins while we took Blakely places.

We had a great time.  We went to a butterfly museum, 

had dinner at Dixie Stamp.ede where Blakely was enthralled...

went to the Titanic museum (Lonnie has a high school friend that works there and knows everything there is to know about it)

went to Silver Dollar City where Blakely rode her first roller coaster and loved it.  

and had lunch with all of us at Br.anson Landing.  

Lonnie and I went on a date one night and had one of the best steaks we have ever had.  It was fun to getaway and the babies did great.  (also...traveling with a babysitter is bomb)  

We had a good Thanksgiving...I took ZERO pictures.  At the last minute we decided to travel to see Lonnie's family a couple of hours away.  A few of them had not met the twins yet so I am glad that we went.  Of course we had to load up the van with what looked like a week's worth of stuff just to spend a few hours away from home.  Everyone did good.  I took a pack n play and Benton and Emery actually napped in there together.  I wasn't sure they would do that but they did and I was soooo thankful because it made for much happier babies!  

We had our twice yearly wine and gourmet dinner.  It was so wonderful and a great date night for us!  

In early December I hosted a Christmas pajama playdate for all my friends and their kids.  We bought them all matching jammies.  It was so much fun.  Chaotic, but super fun.  The big kids and medium kids played in the playroom most of the time and the mommies and the babies stayed upstairs.  We drew names for the kids to exchange gifts and the mama's played dirty santa.  I think we started a tradition!  

It was so hard to get a picture of all the kids.  We were like a bunch of crazy mamas trying to get the babies to look and the big kids to smile at the same time.  But we did it and I love this picture oh so much.  

December is always a busy month made harder this year by everyone being sick for what seems like forever.  First Blakely got a little cold with a cough.  Then Benton and Emery got it.  They all got better for a few days and Blakely's cough came back.  Then about a week after being well the twins woke up snotty one morning.  No big deal.  That night they began to run a low grade fever.  Emery woke up in the middle of the night screaming and would not calm down.  She would only fall asleep sitting up on Lonnie's chest for 30 minutes at a time. The next morning her fever was up and she was crying a lot.  We gave her Ty.lenol and her fever went down and she acted better.  Still didn't want to be put down but she wasn't crying.  Well a couple hours after that she just became so lethargic and wouldn't nurse.  I got really scared because she was just limp and I couldn't really rouse her.  She wasn't asleep she just had this really sick look.  I ran her up to our doctor's office.  Her fever was 103 when we got there and they could tell she was so sick.  Strep, flu and RSV were all negative.  So I was like well what the hell?  I just knew it was going to be strep or rsv.  Anyway, our doctor, who is so wonderful and we LOVE him, came in.  He looked in her hears and said well I have GREAT news.  She has a raging ear infection and her eardrum will probably rupture.  Great news?  Ha!  Anyway, he was so happy to see her ear like that because ears don't typically cause that high of a fever (it had risen to 104 at this point) so he was thinking she may need a spinal tap and cultures and hospital, etc.  So yay for ear infection!  They gave her a shot of antibiotics there and Mot.rin and she perked up a little bit.  We avoided the rupture thank goodness!  About 5 days later, Benton was still so so snotty and started running a low grade fever again.  I took them both in (so he could check on E's ear too) and Benton had an ear infection...not near as bad as Em's but still had one.  So on antibiotics he went.  Oh and I didn't even mention this but they both had thrush.  Fun.  Great.  Emery got another ear infection after being off the antibiotics for 4-5 days because she was STILL snotty.  So she got another round of antibiotics.  I took them in for an ear check this week and Emery's is getting better (still have 5 more days of meds) and Benton has fluid behind both ears but it is not infected so as long as he doesn't get a cold anything then that should go away. I am so ready for everyone to feel better!  Oh and Blakely still has a cough for which we have started her on an inhaler.  Blah winter
is that not the saddest face???

Also, I felt terrible for Emery because all of her crying with that first ear infection was because she was in pain.  I honestly never even thought about an ear infection.  Blakely never had one and it just didn't even cross my mind.  I thought she was crying because of her fever.  She's never had a fever before so I thought that was just how she was when feverish.  When it would go down she would stop crying.  And it all just happened so fast.  She became snotty and not 12 hours later she was completely inconsolable.  Anyway, every time they get snotty forever more I am going to worry about ear infections.  So Daddy got an otoscope for Christmas ;)

My grandmother turned 80 and her sister 92 on December 19.  We always go have lunch with them and give them their gifts on that day.  I loaded up all the kids and took them on a Saturday to a very popular restaurant here.  It was hard but I am glad I did it.  They were both so happy to see them and it went well.  

Well that seems like a good enough catch up post!  Babies are waking up and it is time to go get Blakely from school.  Christmas is next!