Thursday, September 18, 2014


Tomorrow is the day!  We will be transferring 2 beautiful, wonderful and perfect embryos.  I am so very ready to do this thing.  Nervous, yes.  But more than anything I am excited.  We have been working towards this specific goal for almost 10 months.  Part of me can't believe we are actually here and doing this.  I just think back to December when Lonnie and I decided that we had to make a move on what we wanted to do regarding having another baby.  And now here we are with 3 frozen day 5 blasts.  Amazing.  

I'll update tomorrow on how things go!  Here we go!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fun stuff

Before mama went germ crazy we did take Blakely out and do a few fun things before I leave her for a week.  

Lonnie was off week before last so we did lots of fun family things.  Most of it consisted of stuff around the house like taking walks, playing outside, riding her bike, and watching movies.  We did head up to his mom's house twice to swim in the pool.  We went once on the weekend so Lonnie and I got a little date night.  The next time we went was after I had a doctor's appointment.  I couldn't swim due to the medication patches I am on but it was nice enough weather for me to sit on the edge and put my feet in.  Blakely really loves swimming and can really get around wherever she wants with her puddle jumper on.  The next morning she woke up WAY too early and the first thing she said was that she wanted to go swimming.  So I agreed but she went sans bathing suit as I was too sleepy to find the dry on in our bag.  She thought it was hilarious!  

We also headed downtown one day to cheek out a motorcycle thingy they were having.  Honestly,  it seems like there is a motorcycle rally here every other weekend although I know that isn't true.  In general I don't mind it but I do prefer to stay home when they are here because the traffic is HORRID.  But we were looking for something to do and Lonnie wanted to go see all the antique motorcycles so we fought the traffic and parked downtown. Blakely thought it was great.  She wanted to get on them.  Lonnie was like NO.  NEVER.  Pretty funny.  It got a little hot so B and I found some shade and took some selfies while Daddy looked around.  

Then we stopped in a little ice cream shop and indulged in some rocky road.  This was the first time B has gotten her own cone and she was thrilled about it. She ate the entire thing, cone and all.  It took her forever!

We've been taking jeep rides as much as we can.  The weather is perfect right now for it.  And please don't worry...we don't go far from our house.  Our subdivision has a lots of roads with no houses yet so we just drive around there....veryyyy slowlyyyy.  Blakely likes it but wants to have a snack as soon as we get going.  Like clockwork...just like on the boat!  

We have taken boat rides too.  This is usually what happens about 5 minutes in..right after her snack.....

Look at that sweet face!

And in case y'all haven't noticed football season has started!  Woo!  Our Razorbacks have won 2 in a row and my Patriots got back on track this week after playing like junior high ballers the first week.  One of my favorite times of the year!  

I head to Denver tomorrow!  Just wanted to let y'all know again that I will be documenting this part of the journey just like I did the first part on Instagram.  Follow along if you like!  @mile_high_mama

Friday, September 12, 2014

Freak mode

I just got the call today that we are all set for our frozen embryo transfer for next Friday.  Holy moly I am so nervous and so freaking excited at the same time!  I am ready ready ready to do this thing.  My body screams that it is ready and in my heart I know this is going to be great. 

A few days ago I went into total freak mode.  You see, I can not get sick.  That would be no good, terrible awful.  So I pulled Blakely from MDO this week and we have been hibernating.  The very last thing we did that required being in contact with other people (besides the close fam) was dance class on Tuesday night.  Since then we have not left the house much.  And when we do I am a hand washing/sanitizing crazy person.  I had to go with my mom to the hospital to have her cardioversion done and I am pretty sure she wishes she would have left me at home due to the number of times I threw sanitizer on her hands or told her not to touch something.  It really has overcome me.  

I make Lonnie strip down at the door when he gets home and then shower before touching either of us.  He is ready for me to leave for sure!  I had to leave Blakely with my aunt while I went to the doctor for labs and made her wash her hands before touching Blakely...and no kisses.  I mean I am driving myself crazy so I know these people want to yell at me to chill the eff out.  

But I can't.  This is too important.  We are so close to the end goal of getting these sweet embryos into my uterus.  

I will be that girl wearing a mask on the airplane...the germiest of germy places on the planet (We can just call it the germ tube if you like).  Ugh, shivers just thinking about that.  My aunt is going with me and I will be making her wear one as well.  I am sure she will be thrilled.  Love you Jenni and sorry but thank you for coming and taking care of me while I am on bed rest!  

Oh dear readers...we are almost there.  We have been working towards this transfer since January, almost nine whole months.  This summer has been insane and part of me thinks it has been the worst one ever.  But then I remember that this is the summer that we made three perfect embryos.  This is the summer that we got the chance that we have been waiting for and wanting for so long.  And I just know that this summer is going to end on a really POSITIVE note. :)  Let's do this!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

The last baby thing

A few weeks ago we did away with the very last "baby" thing in Blakely's life.  We took her out of her crib.  :(

I was in the camp of CRIB FOR LIFE for a long time.  She loved her crib.  She slept wonderfully in her crib.  She has been able to climb out of it for nearly 2 years now but she just didn't.  We put her in there and she went to sleep.  She liked being in there.  

Want to know what finally made me make the change?  Gymnastics.  Blakely learned how to do rolls over the bar at gymnastics and then that very same afternoon decided the she could do those same rolls over the rail of her crib.  Here is the video of her first learning this.  At first she would let go and land on the mat on her back but by the end of class she had it down and did about 20 of these things in a row.  

Yeah...not safe to flip out of the crib.  

Lonnie and I started talking about it and decided that we didn't want to convert the crib to a toddler bed just to have to convert it back in a few months for a new baby (please, universe, please!) and then still have to get Blakely used to a new bed.  There is a queen bed in her room already so we thought we would just move her to that bed.  Will she fall off the queen bed?  We weren't sure but it is pretty high because it has a mattress topper on it as well as box springs and a frame.  I didn't want to put the mattress on the floor because that meant storing box springs and a bed frame somewhere in my house.  I am in a major purge mode and am trying to get rid of all our excess junk.  The idea of that just laying

So we just went for it and put her in the super big girl bed.  We laid pillows all around the sides of the bed and lined her 50 peeps up on the sides of the bed as well.  

Seriously a lot of peeps...

She freaking loves it.  Has never looked back.  She doesn't move a lot when she sleeps so falling off the bed hasn't been an issue.  Sometimes she gets turned sideways but eventually finds her way back to her pillow.  The best part?  It is so much easier to put her down at night.  I can get in the bed and snuggle with her while we read and sing songs.  Then we give kisses and she is already in a comfy position and goes right to sleep when I leave.  It rocks.  

We have had a few nights where she called me back down there a few times for "another hug and kiss" but other than that the transition has been smooth.  The first week or so I would go back down there immediately if she started calling for me because I didn't want her to get out of the bed.  That seemed to work because she doesn't get out and always waits for me to come and get her in the morning.  Sweet!  

I would say the most negative thing about it so far is that she is waking up earlier!  Ugh!  She usually sleeps until 7:30 but since this change she wakes up at 6.  Wayyyy too early for this mama.  Slowly but surely she is sleeping later.  We have made it to about 6:45 now and I am hoping to get back to the 7:30 routine since I function a lot better at that hour.  

I am so happy my girl loves her big girl bed!  The plan is to leave her there until we have another baby or don't and then we will make her a big girl room with her own new bed.  Ideally I will get pregnant in about 2 weeks (again, please universe!) the new baby will get Blakely's room with all the same furniture and then we can make Blakely a new big girl room.  I am trying not to plan that out too much but it is pretty hard.  Infertility puts your life on hold so much.  Anyway, I am thankful the transition went well and I am sure that now I have typed all this out that she will hate the bed from now on and get up 23 times per night. Hopefully not ;)  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have been such a slacker with posting here lately.  My mom tells me this often :)  (She loves reading my blog and the little tidbits about Blakely!)  Anyway, I think I know why I haven't been coming here to write as much.  

Things have been really hard lately.  The last few months have just been rough for my family.  With Lonnie's multiple illnesses and his hospitalization, my mom's hospitalization and her heart issues that we are still dealing with, all of the IVF stuff and then my migraine I AM OVER IT.  

I don't like for this blog to be a downer all the time so when things are shitty I just don't really write much.  I mean I am honest about it all and I will post the negative things about my life I just don't want to bombard you all with "woe is me" constantly!  

Lately when I sit down to blog I find that I just want to vent.  That can get old fast so then I just close the computer.  

But I think we are turning a corner!  We are back on our regular schedule with Blakely going to MDO.  That helps a ton...not sure how I used to do it with her home with me all day everyday because this summer WORE ME OUT.  Lonnie is back to feeling 100% and that helps me out oh so much.  My mom has switched cardiologists and we really love and trust this new one so I feel that she is well taken care of and I don't have to question everything.  And best of all, we are on the path to our frozen embryo transfer!  As long as all continues to go well we are looking at a transfer in just a couple of weeks.  I am so ready.  Now, I just have to keep us all healthy!  We will all be hiding out in our house for the foreseeable future.   

So, since things are looking up around here I hope to get back into my blogging habits.  Since I know you have missed her so much here are a few pics of my girl on her first day back to MDO.  Sassy little thing... 

Monday, August 25, 2014


I don't think I have mentioned this but I am smack in the middle of planning our first trip to Dis.ney!  

We weren't planning on going until B was 4 but a couple of months ago Lonnie just looked over at me and said let's do it!  I am pretty sure it was when we were watching Sno.w Whi.te and the 7 Dwar.ves for the first time and Blakely was so completely excited.  

We are going in March and we already have the reservation for our resort.  But other than that I need help!  I know some of your have been or are planning your trips too.  Help a mom out!  I have a few books and a friend that is Disn.ey obsessed but that is about it.  

I plan on making this trip as low key as possible.  I know.  It's Disney and that is impossible. I didn't realize just how hard it is to make a trip there low key.  I mean you have to schedule your character meals 180 days in advance and you still may not get in!  That is cray.  My 180 day window is coming up in the next month or so and I have a few ideas but I need to get with it.  I know we are going to do a princess meal and then a meal with Mickey and friends.  I also think she would enjoy meeting the Disn.ey Jr. characters.  

So....all of you Dis vets out there help me out.  Tell me your favorite things, tell me what not to do, tell me where to eat and where not to eat, tell me what you would do again and what you would skip.  Tell me about the parades and which ones I can't miss.  And if you don't want to leave a comment feel free to email all your suggestions!  GO!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blakely lately

It has been a while since I have done a Blakely lately post so I thought I would!  I know I will do a big one when she turns three (omg) so I wanted to get some of these things down now because she is changing so much.  

She is really in to pretending.  She loves to pretend that someone is sick and she gives them a check up with her D.oc McStu.ffins bag of tools.  If we tell her not to do something, for not put any more lotion on, she will grab the bottle and say I am just pretending to do it.  Sure.  

She is very attached to me.  She always wants me to put her to bed.  This started when Lonnie was sick and was not here to do it.  Now she is used to that and it is a struggle to have him do it.  We read her Highli.ghts magazine that she is obsessed with and then we rock for a few minutes.  She has to turn on her light up clock and her lady bug nightlight.  Then she gets in bed and I pat her back.  Then she always wants to jump back up for "one more hug and kiss".  

Speaking of kissing, she has all different types of kisses.  Lip kisses, nose kisses, butterfly kisses, frog kisses and fancy kisses to name a few.  She will let you know which one she wants.  

She will also tell you if she wants a big kiss or a little kiss.  Also, a big hug or a little hug.  

All of her Y's and L's sound like W's.  So I love you comes out sounding like "I wove wu".  It is pretty cute and has been going on for a few months.  It is already starting to slowly change but I want to remember it because I love it.  "That is not wours, Mommy, that is mine!"  

A couple of other words that she uses...
-Hand sanitizer is "hanitizer"
-Super is "su-su"
-Bottom is botten.  Sounds like bot-TEN.  "I AM sitting on my bot-TEN!"
-We call my grandmother Grandmama (sounds like grandma-MA).  Blakely calls her Danna-  mama.

And here are a few gems that I have written down over the past month or so.  

After whining considerably while I was brushing her hair because she did not want to have her hair put up she finally sighed, huffed and said "Ugh.  Whining is so hard."

I had taken a screen shot of some boots on my phone.  A few days later she was playing with my phone and ran up to me with that picture on the screen and said "I need those boots in ONE SECOND".  

And she got them, because, I mean, look at 'em...

We walked outside one morning and heard a bird chirping.  She screamed, "MOMMY!  That's a pecker!"  Apparently my mom taught her about woodpeckers....

While she was putting lipstick on me one day she said, "Mommy you are SOOOO not pretty yet".  

While in timeout for the third time in one day she yells between hiccups and sobs, "Mommy!  Come back in here and give me a hug and a kiss to make me feel better.  I am a good girl!" 

And finally, while sitting on the deck with Lonnie and I one afternoon she said, "Let's not chill anymore.  I don't like rewaxing or chilling".  Okayyyy.