Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter basket blog hop

Linking up with Sarah again this year for the Easter Basket Blog Hop!  

I love seeing what everyone puts in their child's basket.  I remember being so excited when I was a kid to see what was in mine.  Blakely is definitely looking forward to it.  We are going to my BIL and SIL's house to celebrate and she can't stop talking about getting to see Collier and Syble and finding Easter eggs with them!  Here is Blakely's basket.  I will admit that I got too much stuff.  I even went back and bought a bigger basket and it still isn't big enough!  In my defense we are heading to the beach soon so some of the little stuff is to keep her entertained on the 12 hour drive.  

A few of the bigger things in her basket are....

Rapunzel dress up dress.  It rained alllllll weekend here so we were stuck inside.  We watched Tan.gled for the first time and Blakely was entranced.  Just adding to the growing collection in her dress up box.  

Huge thing of sidewalk chalk.  Should last a few weeks, right?    


A few new beach toys for our upcoming beach trip.  

She is getting these sun sandals to wear with her Easter dress.  I really wanted white but they didn't have her size (9).  She may have gotten a pair of silver ones for the beach too.  Don't tell Daddy!  

This shirt.  I mean does it come in my size?  

And this hat for the beach!  You can't tell in the pic but it has metallic gold sparkles all over it.  She is going to flip.  

A few other smaller things in her basket.  

  • some Bubb.le Gupp.ies books and a few Fro.zen books
  • princess tattoos
  • princess crazy straws
  • NEW PANTIES.  She needs them so bad.  Hers have been near cutting off her circulation for a few weeks!  
  • a cup with a flip top lid like mine
  • bubble bath
  • stickers
  • a couple of things of play-doh and some animal cut outs to go with.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two and a half

I have been referring to Blakely as 2.5 for a month or so but I knew that technically she wasn't.  Until last Sunday.  EEP!  Since this is a pretty big milestone and I haven't done a Blakely lately post recently I thought I would jot down a few things she is doing now.  You know the drill.  Feel free to skim!  

EATING:  She goes through phases with eating.  Some times she wants to eat all day every day and then she will go a while just picking at her food.  I have no complaints because she is a good eater and always has been (thank you B).  She will try new things and she likes healthy food along with the not so healthy.  She has been getting more "treats" that I would like lately.  Occasionally at MDO they give the kids skittles if they help one of the teachers with something or for going to the potty.  She doesn't get them for pottying since she's been doing that for over 6 months but she does like to help them clean up or close the blinds or whatever.  I think it is okay since she is only there 2 days a week.  

Some of her favorite foods are
anything (and I mean anything) dipped in ranch dressing.  
any kind of chip
macaroni and cheese
She loves all fruit but especially strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

(As I was writing this I asked her what her favorite thing to eat was and she said strawberries.  So there ya go...she could write this post herself.)  

She is pretty good about trying anything but she HATES tuna fish.  I have tried many times over the past year and she just isn't going to go for it.  I'm actually okay with that because Lonnie hates it too so it is the only thing that I can make and not have to share with anyone!  

This is random but it has been going on for a while so I thought I would document it.  For the most part Blakely wants to have her food separated on her plate.  She isn't really interested in any casserole that I make but if I put the exact same ingredients on her plate just separately then she will chow down.  This drives me nuts.    

SLEEPING:  Ehh.  Sleep has been hit or miss since she turned 2.  Around that time we went through a crazy phase where she would wake up at about midnight screaming her head off.   Like screaming before she even woke up or stood up in her crib.  I would go in and get in her queen size bed that is in her room with her.  I was being lazy because I was super tired.  I knew she would go right back to sleep with me.  After about month of this I knew I needed to break the cycle.  It was rough but I did.  Then her sleep was fine for a while.  Now we are back in a stage of waking up screaming bloody murder.  Thankfully I can calm her down after 10 minutes or so and she will fall back asleep in her crib.  The main problem with this is she won't let Lonnie calm her down.  She screams and screams for MOMMY!  Makes me sad but at least I can calm her down.  Also, crib. for. life.  I am so not ready to move her to a big girl bed.  I think part of this is because it is the last "baby" thing and I am hanging on to it for dear life.  

POTTY:  Blakely has been potty trained since last summer.  She has been napping in panties since the beginning of the year.  She was still in pull ups for naps at MDO but would always wake up dry.  I told them to start napping her in panties a few weeks ago and she has done fine.  I knew she would since she naps 4 out of seven days at home in panties with no problems.  For some reason I just never told them to stop using the pull ups.  Anyway, I don't have to buy pulls ups anymore.  She still sleeps in a diaper at night.  I am in no rush to change that.  She wakes up wet in the mornings but it is starting to get less and less wet.  Now she wants to immediately take off her wet diaper when, up until a month or so ago, she didn't mind leaving that wet diaper on for a while.  So we will see how that progresses but I am not pushing it.  Mainly because she is still in the crib so I would have to get her out to help her go in the middle of the night.  (Random but she woke up dry this morning and was so proud of herself and asked for a marshmallow?!)  

CLOTHING:  She wears mainly a 3T.  She can wear some 2T shorts but not pants because they are usually too short.  My girl is tall.  Sidenote...I am obsessed with toddler clothes.  I didn't really buy her much stuff for the winter because she could wear most of the stuff from the winter before.  (Since she was in cloth diapers then her clothes were a size or two they still fit once we ditched the diapers).  Now that it is warming up outside I realized she had no spring/summer clothes.  She had a few shirts that barely fit but they were very worn and borderline crop tops!  So I went on a little shopping spree.  I've been getting about a package a day for 4-5 days and holy fun!  Unfortunately for Lonnie she seems to be as excited to try on her new clothes as I am buying them!  

When I was doing the online shopping with Blakely in my lap I came across some adorable leggings and said HOLY!  Blakely immediately chimed in with SMOKES!  Can we talk about how happy I was that she didn't say shit.  Because that is definitely what I thought was coming out of her mouth at first.  

TALKING:  I love listening to Blakely talk.  She is in the stage right now where she has conversations with her stuffed animals.  I love eavesdropping on that and seeing if I can figure out her little convos.  It usually consists of her asking Minnie if she wants some tea, giving her the tea and then asking her if she likes the tea.  Or a whole conversation about going "night night" and "time to wake up".  She asks soft bear if he wants dinner.  Then she says okay me make you dinner.  Yummy!  I love watching her imagination come to life.  

She is sort of obsessed with peoples names right now.  She asks me all the time "what's her name?" or "what's his name?"  She does this in public or she will point out every character in a book and ask me that.  If I know the name I will tell her and she never forgets.  If the character doesn't have a name then I tell her she can make one up.  Usually she names people Susie (shoo-dee) or Olivia (uh-wib-ee-uh).  

She still mostly refers to herself as "me".  Occasionally she will say "I" but mainly it is "me do this or me do that".  I correct her occasionally but I'am not crazy about it.  I will miss it when she corrects herself.   

On Sunday I told her it was her half birthday.  She said "What?  No, mom, it's my WHOLE birthday!"  Ha!  

SCHOOL:  She goes to MDO 2 days a week and she goes with Juanet 1 day a week.  I love this schedule and we are planning on keeping it next school year as well.  We won't have Juanet in the summer but MDO has just changed and they are going to be open just two days a week during the summer so we are going to still do that.  Blakely loves going to school and doesn't usually have a hard time when I drop her off.  I think it is a great place for her and she learns new stuff all of the time.  They say she is a little mama there.  Always checking on the babies (they have to be a year old to go so they aren't really babies) and rocking the stuffed animals all the time.  She tells me about all the other kids each day when I pick her up and she knows all of their moms too!  I don't even know that.  They also tell me that she likes things put in their place.  They've mention this a few times.  When they pick up their toys she has to make sure they are put up in the right spot.  Or when they stack the carpet mats up after learning circle she has to make sure they are stacked just right.  She is a little OCD like this at home too but I don't think as much as she is there.  Hey, at least she is cleaning up!  

She absolutely loves going with Juanet and when she comes to get her in the morning she runs right out to her car and hops in.  They go over to Juanet's friend's house as she keeps her little boy too.  Blakely is in MDO with him one day and with him at his house one day.  They are great friends and pretty darn cute.  She missed a week when we were in Denver and he told Juanet that he missed Blakely.  Then he told her that he wanted Blakely to come be his cheerleader at his t-ball game!  How adorable is that?  Juanet is so so good with them and I just can't say enough how thankful I am that we have her.  She is just the best and I know she takes wonderful care of my baby girl.  

ATTITUDE:  Well I know I have said before that my girl is sassy.  She is.  There is just no getting around that.  She has a little attitude but for the most part we are able to keep that in check.  The good news is that she is not this way at MDO or with Juanet (for the most part).  She saves all of that up for me.  Ha!  She doesn't give them any trouble but I do know that she watches everything the kids that DO get in trouble do.  Then she breaks that crap out at home.  Thankful for that, at least.  At the point of this writing (because it changes every day) she will listen to me if I threaten to give her a timeout.  But I only threaten it if I am going to giver her one.  She knows that and that is why I think she listens a little better now.  She hates timeouts and cries so hard when she does get one but she will stay in the chair so that is good.  It seems to go in spurts where she will get a bunch of timeouts for a few days and then she will mind well for a few days.  


This girl loves her gymnastics.  I am so impressed with how well she minds there now.  It used to be me chasing around a crazy child.  Now she does what the coach (?) asks of them and she is patient in waiting her turn.  Awesome.  

She has pretty good manners!  She says "pees" and "shank you" all the time.  She is now saying "no shank you" when she doesn't want something she's been offered.  We are working on "ma'am" and "sir".  Don't get me wrong though, here are plenty of times where her manners are terrible (screaming that she is done with dinner and WANTS DOWN NOW)!

She still loves singing.  It is a new song or rhyme every week.  Last week I heard her singing something about a turtle.  Then she would mumble a few things and then yell POP.  I kept asking her to sing it again and again so I could figure out what it was.  Finally I realized she was singing Tiny Tim.  Once I figured it out she was so excited!  I had to google the words so I could sing it with her.  I asked her who taught her that song and she said JUANET!  So thankful for Juanet loving my baby girl so much.  

The other day I heard her say something about God.  So random.  Then I paid more attention as she was talking to her peeps at her table.  She was saying "God is great.  God is good.  Let us thank him for our food.  A man."  Ha!  I know she didn't learn that from me so I asked her where she learned that.  She said at school during lunch.  I was unaware of this but it is a church program so I'm not surprised.  I guess what surprises me is that I can ask her these things and she can tell me.  So grown up.  

Soft bear (in the pictures) is her main peep right now.  We have a big one and a little one.  I usually sleep with the big one and she sleeps with the little one.  He goes to MDO with her too and she talks about him all the time.  

They had Dr. Seuss week at MDO at the beginning of March.  Since then she loves to read those books.  We have 4-5 of them and she always wants to read "just one more" before going to bed.  I'd say her favorite is Go, Dog, Go.  She can practically "read" it to me.  Which basically means she has memorized it.  

Speaking of memory, I swear this girl doesn't forget anything.  It honestly amazes me and kind of freaks me out sometimes.  While driving she points out everything she recognizes.  If we go somewhere new she never forgets that place again when we drive by.  I guess I just didn't realize how much she would remember at this age.  She remembers stuff from many months ago.  She has quite a few of her books memorized so I will let her "read" them to me sometimes.  Pretty cool but it means Lonnie and I can't get anything past her.  If we tell her we may do something then she holds us to it.  The days are gone when I could bribe her to go down for a nap by telling her we can paint when she wakes up and then hoping she will forget it.  Oh no.  She wakes up yelling "Mommy!!!  Me paint!"  

We have moved on from Mick.ey!  I repeat...we have moved on.  This mama is so happy.  Now I love me some Dis.ney but I just felt like she had learned all that show could teach her.  And I was so annoyed by it too.  Anyway, now she is obsessed with Bubb.le Gup.pies.  I do like this show because it teaches her different things than MMCH and apparently my child likes dinosaurs.  Who knew?  She only gets to watch 2 episodes a day when she is home with me all day (before nap and before bed) and one a day on school days (before bed).  

This is a totally random story but it's funny so I want to mention it.  I have a huge pimple on my face right now.  Like haven't had one like this since high school.  Anyway, here is a conversation with Blakely about it.  
B:  You have a mole on your face mom.  
me:  No, babe, that is a pimple.  
B:  WHAT?  Mommy has three nipples! ONE, TWO (as she points to my actual nipples) and THREE (as she points to my pimple)!!

Then she ran proudly to Lonnie and told him about my three nipples.  

Let's hope she doesn't go to school saying that today.  :/

Happy 2 and a half sweet and sassy B!  

Monday, March 31, 2014


My Blakely loves being outside.  But there are only a few things that she wants to do when out there.  

1.  Play on the her playground.  

2.  Take a short walk and then play on her playground.  

3.  Play with sidewalk chalk but only if that is followed immediately by playing on her playground.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the playground too.  I am so happy that we have it.  But honestly I get reeeeeeally tired of pushing her on the swing and watching her go down the slide 50 times.

Since we've been in the winter that never ends the only thing we could really do when it was cold but not bone chilling cold was a quick playground trip to the backyard.  So over the past few months she has gotten it in her head that going to play outside means swinging, climbing on the monkey bars and giving her mother a heart attack and sliding.  And nothing else.

Now that the weather is warming up I want to do different things with her outside.  Take a walk.  Explore the woods by our house.  Play in the dirt.  Play basketball.  Chase each other.  Throw the baseball.  Splash in the puddles.  Hop Scotch.  Ride bikes.  Throw rocks.  Just get dirty for the love of spring.  

At this point it takes a little bribing to go outside but not go to "me playground".  I am working on it and as long as the weather keeps cooperating I think we shall succeed.  I may have even busted out the water table yesterday because I was so very tired of "Push me Mom!"  "Super higher Mom!"  "Me swing more!"  

Anyway, all of this to say that I am happy winter is on its way out.

That and we did a little hiking this weekend.  She thought it was really fun but about halfway through she said, "where swings, Daddy?"  He sweetly told her that this was the kind of park that didn't have swings.  Oh dear.  I saw it coming.  Huge crocodile tears and the lip quiver.  I stepped in real quick and said "LOOK! You can climb that tree!  How Fun!"  And nudged shoved Lonnie to pick her up and put her in that damn tree now!  Mommy saved the day.  

Do your kids have a certain activity that they want to do all the time?  Indoor or outdoor!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just checking in

Happy Friday y'all!  

  • Blakely is finally feeling better.  I texted Lonnie today and told him that she was back to normal.  He asked what did I mean.  My response was that she has said no to every single thing I've asked her to do today and she fought her nap for a good 30 minutes.  So yeah.  Back to Blakely!  
  • I, on the other hand, am completely exhausted.  She hasn't been sleeping good since Saturday.  Multiple wake ups in the middle of the night and isn't satisfied unless she is snuggled up with me.  So just a few hours of broken up sleep each night for.  I feel like I have a newborn.  That will be changing tonight.  
  • I stopped drinking caffeine a couple of months ago.  I don't usually drink caffeine anyway but I had gotten on it hard around Christmas I guess.  Anyway, yesterday I was a total zombie.  Could not hold my eyes open.  I tossed Blakely in the car and we ran to the "arches" to get me a coke.  I needed a pick me up or I wasn't going to make it through the day.  Whoa.  It worked.  I was zipping around the house cleaning all the things and feeling jittery all day.  It was awesome.  But now it's over.  Boo.    
  • We are supposed to have perfect weather this weekend and I'm thinking we may go hiking tomorrow.  Or maybe camping.  We just want to do something outdoors since Lonnie doesn't have to work/be on call.  
  • Blakely's imagination is soaring these days.  Most of it is pretty funny and cute but I can tell she is starting to pretend things are scary.  Which then leads to her actually being scared of the imaginative thing.  Last night when I was putting her to bed she started telling me that there was a crocodile in her room.  At first she was being silly but then she stared to get stressed.  Which then led to hysterics.  I save the details but seriously.  THERE IS NO CROCODILE!  I mean what in the world?  We haven't talked about crocodiles or seen them on tv.  None in any of our books.  I have no clue where this came from.  Hopefully that was a one night thing because it was a little rough.  
  • This is totally random but the whole post is random sooooo.  I *think* Blakely may be left handed.  I know they say you can't tell yet and I could be wrong but she really does most things with her left hand.  She uses her right hand too but just not near as much as the left.  She eats and colors and throws mainly with her left hand.  I'd say about 75-80% of the time.  I have started noticing that if she is trying to do something that requires fine motor skills she uses her left hand.  For example, she painted my toenails with both hands, although mainly her left, and when she was trying to put the brush back in the bottle she would always do it with her left hand.  Who knows but it is interesting to guess.  Do your kids have a preference or do they use both hands too?  If your kids are older when did you know which hand they preferred?  
  • It is storming here this afternoon.  I can't wait for Lonnie to get home so we can curl up on the couch and watch basketball.  Lonnie would say grrrrrrreat.  More basketball. He doesn't really like to watch basketball (he is a baseball guy) but there are only a few times a year that I get control of the remote and Madn.ess is one of those times.  Thanks honey!  
Hope you all have a great weekend!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break

So Blakely is on Spring Break this week.  

I know.  She's 2.  I didn't even realize this would be happening until a few weeks ago.  I should have known because MDO goes by the schedule of the schools in town (Christmas break, spring break and summer break) but it never crossed my mind.  Juanet's daughter is a senior in high school so they took a trip this week.  So that means no MDO and no Juanet.  All of that is totally fine because I planned some fun things for B and I to do.  But the biggest of big deals about this is that Juanet is not here to clean my house today.  WHAT?  That means I need to clean my house (desperately) while Blakely is here.  I am really really bad at that.  Juanet will probably show up next Tuesday to hurricane house and want to turn right back around and go home.  (Yes, I realize how incredibly spoiled I am in this department.)

And instead of cleaning during nap I am blogging.  Obvious choice.  I am doing a load of laundry right now because the husband has exactly one white t-shirt and one pair of scrubs left in the closet so that totally counts as cleaning.  Sidenote, where do all of the white t-shirts go?  I think he secretly throws them away after particularly terrible days at work or maybe I would find 100 dirty white t-shirts in his trunk.  I don't know.  

Anyway, back to spring break and all the fun plans.  They have been thrown out the window because Blakely is sick.  This alllll started on Friday night when Lonnie was putting her to bed and she felt warm.  Sure enough, fever and proceed with Tyl.enol.  High fever continued into Sunday when she decided to stop eating and drinking.  Yesterday morning she popped right out of bed and started playing so I was thinking, okay, virus, and we are on the down side.  But she wouldn't even drink her milk.  Now this child has never ever never refused milk.  She loves it and would drink a gallon of it a day if I would let her.  So I started to sort of freak.  I went and bought juice and apple sauce and ice cream (for bribes, duh).  Yesterday I did get her to drink some juice (which was mainly water...I am such a trickster) and drink a smoothie.  I called the doctor and what do you know he's out of town.  Spring break remember?  Normally his partner will see you but he was completely full because apparently Blakely isn't the only sick spring breaker.  So we had the pleasure of going to the other pediatric clinic across town this morning.  I wasn't thrilled about it because I am all about living in my little comfort zone but it was fine and she has strep.  Joy.  

Just looking about 5 at the doctor's office

Isn't that the saddest face?  She asked me if we were going home to go back to bed.  

As all moms with little ones know, there is one small upside to their child being sick.  The snuggles.  OH THE SNUGGLES.  They are great and part of the reason my house is such a wreck.  She wants me to sit in the chair and hold her so you better believe that is what we have been doing.  On Saturday night (before we realized just how sick she was and before she decided to fast) we made a pallet on the floor and watched Fro.zen with some popcorn. Superfun.  We have since watched it again and more television than I care to even admit.  More than she has watched in the past year combined, surely.  She hasn't even asked to go outside.  

She has even been taking a nap with me but not today because I am supposed to be cleaning.  I should probably get on that.  I think I am officially rescheduling spring break to next week.  I was thinking the zoo, the park, the library and a hike but definitely not this week.  Once she gets better I am going to have to recover for a few days.  I have been getting negative sleep if that is even possible.  So tired but so happy that hopefully my girl is on the mend.  And I am off to clean the kitchen.  Promise.  Because we have exactly one clean fork in this house.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oily House Friday!

Today I am joining up with Bridget for her oily house Friday post!  

I have been using essential oils for almost 2 months now and I am in love with them.  For my first Oily House Friday post I thought I would share a few of my most used oils and how I have been using them.  I love hearing how other people use their oils because it gives me ideas.  There are so many things you can do with them and I learn more every day.  

My favorite oil is Elevation.  It is called the joyful blend and I love the way it smells.  Elevation helps with anxiety, hopelessness, lack of energy and stress.  The second thing I do every morning (putting my contacts in is always first) is put a drop or two in my palms, rub them together and then inhale.  It smells so good and really puts a pep in my step.  I also do this throughout the day when I need an attitude boost adjustment.  I just ordered a diffuser and I know that I will be diffusing Elevation all the time.  I also rub it on the bottoms of my feet or the back of my neck to get the same effect.  

I also use Balance every morning and every night.  It is called the grounding blend and helps with lots of things including anxiety.  I haven't really talked much about my anxiety on the blog (maybe I should) but I have been having a rough go with it for the past few months.  It always seems to come on for a few months and then it goes away for a few months.  Anyway, one of the main things that intrigued me in the first place about the oils was the effect it could have on my anxiety and panic.  Bridget had such great success treating her panic and depression so I knew I had to give it a try.  After using Balance diligently morning and night and anytime during the day when I was feeling anxious for about a week I noticed that I felt more calm in situations that usually gave me big time anxiety (the grocery store). Now after doing if for almost 2 months I can say that my overall anxiety is less and I am able to function much better in social situations (the grocery store).  

When I first started using the oils (specifically the oils to help with anxiety) I didn't really notice a difference.  I had a phone consult with Julie (Bridget's mentor) and she explained to me that the effect of the oils builds up over time.  So I really needed to be diligent about putting the oils on at least 2-3 times a day.  Once I started doing that I started noticing a difference.  Pretty amazing.  And yes, me and the grocery store have major issues.  

Lemon is used a lot around here too.  I just realized this morning that I was out and I was not too happy about that!  I put a drop in my ice water every morning and again in the afternoon.  This helps with overall mood and wellness in general.  Plus it tastes great!  I plan to make a few cleaning products with my next bottle of lemon since it is such a powerful antiseptic.  I buy lemon scented cleaning products anyway because I love the way it smells and it always makes me think things are fresh and clean.  Well now I can get the clean house and the lemon scent without all of the chemicals.  

I also inhale the lemon in the afternoon if I need a little pick me up.  All of the citrus oils help to lighten mood and provide an energy boost.  Usually about the time Blakely wakes up from her nap I am on the downhill slide and have about zero energy.  A few sniffs of lemon (and peppermint!) and I feel much more alert and ready to keep up with my endlessly energetic child.  

Stay tuned for more Oily House Friday posts!  And be sure to check out Bridget's blog...she shares tons of information on different oils and how they can help!  Happy weekend!  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yesterday, I turned 32 years old!  I am not one to get torn up about aging but I will say that I do get a little emotional on my birthday because I just start thinking about my previous birthdays.  In my 20's they were all the same.  Parties, green beer and fun with friends and family.  The last few years were a bit different.    

In 2011 I was pregnant and had a horrid headache the entire day (well really the thing lasted a good 3 months) but it really didn't matter.  I was finally pregnant and life was fantastic!  I laid in bed most of the day with my hands on my belly...thinking about the baby, talking to the baby and drifted in and out of happy happy sleep.  

In 2012 I woke up on my birthday to this beautiful sight.  

I remember Lonnie and I got a babysitter that evening and went downtown to the World's Short.est Par.ade.  We stayed all of 30 minutes because I got emotional and wanted to come back home and be the one to put Blakely down to sleep for the night.  I cried happy tears while she nursed and I ended up falling asleep in the bed in her room while watching her sleep.   

I found out the day before my birthday in 2013 that our 4th IVF had failed.  I was very sad about that of course but was easily cheered up by these two smiling faces.  

We went to the pet store and the park.  I put her down for the night and snuck back into her room an hour later and slept in her bed.  

Yesterday I woke up to the sounds of a giggly toddler which then turned into a very loud version of Happy Birthday to Mommy!  We took her bowling for the first time and had a blast.  We went and ate amazing greasy Mexican food that we never eat and all three of us loved every second of it.  

When Lonnie had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday last week I couldn't think of anything better than bowling and dinner with my two favorite people.  I let Lonnie put her to bed while I enjoyed a glass of wine.  She must have known about our tradition because at about 1 am she woke up crying and saying that she wanted to sleep in her pink bed with Mommy.  So we did.  We snuggled all night and she woke me up with kisses this morning.  

Sure, I am Irish and born on St. Patrick's Day but that is not what makes me lucky.  These two people I am sharing my life with are what make me lucky.