Monday, July 20, 2015

Twinks at two months

On June 27 the twinks turned 2 months old.  They changed so much during this month it baffles me to even compare pictures from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.  Here is a recap.  
Nicknames: these babies have SO many nicknames.  I feel like we rarely call them their actual names.  Blakely calls them Emmy and Benny and has from the very beginning so I'd say those are the most often used.  

Benton: Benny, Benners, Benny boo, tiny man, Ben man, Benny bo, chunk, chunk-a-roo

Emery: Emmy, Ems, Emmers, Rems, Remy, remmy roo, noodle

EATING/BREASTFEEDING:  The babies nurse 8 times a day, every three hours round the clock.  In the middle of the month we introduced a bottle.  They both have done really well and we give them one every day or every other day.  Blakely despised the bottle when she turned three months old so I am hoping by giving them one consistently we can avoid that.  Also, mama needs her wine ;)  I still typically feed them separately unless someone is here to help me tandem feed.  Tandem feeding is getting easier and I have started doing that in the middle of the night by myself.  It is quite the process to get everything and everyone situated but we make it work.  It means more sleep for me if I can do it that way so we are practicing.  Breastfeeding, in general, is getting easier as well.  The babies are getting bigger and are able to hold their heads up better so that helps.  

I still pump after feedings pretty frequently.  My supply is rocking so I pump 3-4 times a day just depending on how things are going so I can have milk for bottles.  I know my supply won't always be so great and I also know that we won't always be home during the day for me to pump so I am doing it now while I can.

I do so love the after nursing snuggles...

SLEEPING:  The babies sleep pretty well.  At least, they sleep when they are supposed to be sleeping.  They just don't really go a long time between feedings so it is short bursts of sleep.  They eat, then they are awake for a little while (sometimes only 15 minutes or so) and then they go to sleep.  We moved them to their cribs this month and they sleep well in there.  At night they just go right back to sleep when I put them in their crib.  The last 2 nights they have gone 5 1/2 hours between a feeding instead of just 3 hours so WOOO HOOO.  Cross all the things that this continues because mama is oh so very tired and really needs some sleep.  

When they wake up to eat in the early morning hours I usually just bring them in the bed with me to nurse because that is easier.  Then they fall right back asleep and I can doze until I hear Blakely come in.  She will snuggle for a little while but then she runs upstairs to see if Lonnie has left for work yet.  We are definitely starting to fall into a routine.  :)

CLOTHING: Benton is out of newborn clothes and in 0-3 month size.  He can still squeeze into a few newborn things if he isn't wearing cloth diapers.  Emery is still in newborn but not for much longer. 

Mama is having a super fun time picking out clothes for the babes.  I have quite a few matching twin things that people gifted to me....

And the rest of the time I coordinate the colors to make them match.  Wayyyyy too much shopping going on up in here.  It is hard to find cute (not hella expensive) coordinating clothes for boy/girl twins.  But I press on ;)

DIAPERS:  We started cloth part time this month.  Actually I'd say we do it about 80% of the time.  I am using newborn prefolds with covers and, surprisingly, I am really liking them.  I only did pockets and all-in-ones with Blakely so this is new for me.  But they are great to hold in the runny poop and the laundry is so very easy since you can throw these in the dryer.  They wear x-small covers and newborn size disposables. 

DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS:  when the babies turned one month old Emery weighed 6 lbs 5 ounces and Benton weighed 6 lbs 9 ounces.  Benton had just passed her up and he just continued on his chunky style the rest of this month.  

On June 2 we went in for a weight check (wanted the babies to gain 7 ounces each)
Emery - 6 lbs 12 oz (gained 7 ounces)
Benton - 7 lbs 6 oz (gained 14 ounces!)

We went back 2 weeks later (June 16) for another weight check (wanted them to gain 14 ounces)
Emery - 7 lbs 12 oz (gained 16 ounces)
Benton - 8 lbs 14 oz (gained 24 ounces)

So you can see that my little tiny man was gaining like crazy and by the end of the month was not my tiny man anymore.  Tear.  At this point I stopped worrying about their weight gain.  Breastfeeding was getting easier and they were obviously gaining good so I didn't need to worry.  I was now ready for them to sleep longer stretches at night!  

On July 1 we went for their 2 month checkup (with  We wanted to see a 15 ounce weight gain.  

Emery - 8 lbs 10 oz (gained 14 ounces)
Benton - 9 lbs 13 oz (gained 15 ounces)

Our doctor was very happy with their weight gain and this was the first time the babies were on the growth and height chart.  Em is in the 5th percentile for both and Benny is in the 10th percentile for both.  He did mention when he was examining Benton at his 2 month appt that he resisted when trying to turn his head to the left.  He wasn't super worried about it but told us to make sure he turns it to the left more frequently to stretch out that neck muscle.  Make him do that while tracking toys, while he is eating and while he is sleeping.  I had noticed that he preferred his right but I thought it was more because I had been making him sleep on his right side due to his reflux.  

At the beginning of this second month, our sweet Benton kinda turned into a crying machine.  It was pretty obvious that he was dealing with some reflux but now he was having some major gas pains.  He would just cry out in pain and then cry some more.  We started him on Za.ntac and I gave hime lots of gas drops to try and help.  I didn't really feel like either did but was too scared to stop the Za.ntac for fear that the crying could get worse!  I broke down and gave him a pacifier to see if that would calm him down.  Occasionally it would but not all the time.  He has good days and bad days.  Usually he is fine during the day but by late afternoon the poor thing is just over it all.  We carry him around and pretty much try anything to make him feel better.  It does seem to be getting a little better the last few days.  

DAILY ROUTINE:  The daily routine is basically the same as last month just with a little more awake time during the day.  I feed them, they stay awake for a little while (never longer than an hour) and then they sleep until the next feeding.  We have started a nighttime routine and I think that is starting to help with the nighttime sleep.  We take them downstair into their room.  I change them into their pajamas with a new diaper.  I nurse them in the glider (which I never do during the day) and then I cuddle them for a bit before swaddling them and putting them in the crib with the sons machine on.  The first couple of night of this they were like OH HELL NO but the last few nights they went right to sleep and slept for 5 1/2 hours so I basically feel like a brand new woman.  

BLAKELY + THE BABES:  Blakely absolutely loves her babies.  She always want to make sure they are ok.  She is the QUEEN of the pacifier.  She is quick to put it back in if they spit it out even when I tell her not to.  She wants to help pick out their clothes and most of the time I let her.  She picks out their jammies every night.  Her favorite thing is when I lay them on the floor and she can cuddle and play with them.  

She likes to hold them and sometimes does really good holding one while I nurse the other one.  She usually has to be watching a show to do this so she will sit still long enough.  

She likes to help with bottle feeding.  I actually thought she would want to help more with this but she has a good few minute and then she is over it.  Ha!  

I am so thankful she is such a sweet girl and always wants to help.  She brings me things if I forget to grab them before nursing.  She will fix me a glass of water if she notices I am out.  She will go get Benny a change of clothes if he spits up.  It is really just the sweetest.  


  • They have both started tracking things with their eyes.  I have this bright colored peacock that is black and white on the back and they really follow that thing good.
  • They are both smiling in response to us.  Benton started this first but Emery has done it a couple of times in the last day or two.    
  • They had their first day at the pool.  They slept through the whole thing but they did actually get to go outside that day.  Most days have been way too hot for them to go outside.  

  • Both of my babies really want to be tummy sleepers.  When we do tummy time they just want to lay their head down and go to sleep.  We are working on it ;)

  • Benton is usually awake a little more than Emery.  My girl likes her sleep and I hope it stays that way!  

  • Daddy has the magic tough to make the babies happy.  When I hold them they just want to eat.  

45 seconds later....

Daddy and his girls.  

  • The comments are all over the board when it comes to who looks like who.  Most people say Benton looks like Lonnie and Emery looks a little bit like Blakely.  I did a little 2 month comparison for ya!  I am not sure but I do know that there is something about Em that reminds me of Blakely as a baby.  And Benton squints his eyes when he smiles and that is Lonnie all the way.  
  • Both babies are kinda "ehhh" when it comes to being worn.  I think Emery likes it a little better.  Benton likes to be held just not all wrapped up.  But this was a day that I could NOT get him to stop crying and I finally got him calmed down enough (by bouncing and speed walking) and he fell asleep.  Whew...

  • I can't believe how much they have grown this month.  I look at this picture and Benton looks like a completely different baby.  

  • Emery is our chill baby.  She has her moments but Lonnie and I were talking the other day how she is our easiest baby out of the three.  She is super relaxed and doesn't fuss unless she is hungry or getting sleepy.  Then she will just fall asleep wherever you put her without freaking out.  

  • It's not that Benton is not chill, because he is when he is comfortable.  But a lot of the time he is just uncomfortable and I feel so bad.  Ugh.  He just needs a little help to fall asleep when he gets tired and he likes to walk around.  He just wants a change of scenery if he gets bored.  So if he's been laying looking at the mobile for a while he will let you know when he is over it.  So I spend a lot of time moving him around the house!  

 Happy 2 months sweet babies!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from my little people!  

All three looking at the camera and 2 out of 3 smiling!  Whoop!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Twinks at one month

Since the twinkers just turned 2 months old I figured it was time to get their ONE month post up.  Ha!  I think I am just going to be behind at life forever.  Or at least for the foreseeable future! ut I have a really good/cute reason!  

We have only been home form the hospital about a week so we are still getting the hang of things around here.  Both of the babies are pretty easy going most of the time.  They sleep a lot and eat a lot!  
sweet little Emery

I promise he is sweet ;)  Just wasn't too happy to be laying on the floor.  
Emery: Em, Emmers, Rem, Rems, Rem-Rem, Emmy, Remy, Rema-roo, Emma-roo
Benton: Benny, Benny-bo, Benny-boo, Benny boo boo, Ben man, Benners, Benny bo Benny

Eating:  I am so happy that we are exclusively breastfeeding.  We worked HARD to get here!  They eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  I typically feed them individually but during the day if someone is here to help me then I tandem feed.  I haven't gotten that down super well just yet by myself.  Mainly because they both are kind of on and off during a feeding and I have to make sure they each (especially E) keep a good latch.  Hard to do that when I don't have extra hands!  I look forward to the day they can latch on themselves and tandem feeding will be so much easier.  

I love how she curls right up.  

I still have to work with Emery quite a bit to make sure she gets a full feeding.  She is doing great she just gets sleepy still.  I mean honestly she has only been nursing at every feeding for a little over a week!  Crazy to think about it like that.  My routine for feeding time goes a little something like this.  Whichever one is waking up or screaming at me gets a new diaper and then eats, burps and laid down on the play mat.  Then I change, feed and burp the other one.  Then I pump, usually.  The entire time we were in the hospital I pumped after every feeding.  So I am trying to cut back on that.  It is hard though!  By the time I am done with all that it takes about an hour or more.  I do have help during the day most days but at night I do it by myself (unless Lonnie is off work).  

Sleeping:  They don't go longer than 3 hours between feedings.  Even if they are sleeping then I have to wake them up to eat so they gain enough weight.  I honestly don't think they would sleep much longer than that anyway.  They are hungry babies!  At the next appointment if they have gained like they should then I can start letting them sleep.  I will be so happy for that because there is no sleep for this mama.  As of right now Em sleeps in the pack n play beside my bed and Benton sleeps in the rock n play sleeper by the bed.  He has some reflux so he does better in this than laying flat.  

Diapers:  We just moved into newborn diapers!  We have been using preemie for most of this first month.  I do have some newborn cloth diapers that I think will fit the babes now so I am about to try them out.  Yes, I may be crazy.  

Doctor Appointment:  It seems like there were a bunch of appointments right when we came home from the hospital but I guess only 2 before they turned a month old.  

May 21-this was 2 days after coming home from the hospital.  
     Emery weighed 6lbs 1 oz
     Benton weighed 6 lbs even

May 26-went in for a weight check
     Emery weighed 6 lbs 5 oz
     Benton weighed 6 lbs 9 oz (passed up sister!)

They were gaining really really well.  According to our pediatrician an ounce a day of weight gain is ideal for a term singleton newborn.  Half of an ounce a day is acceptable.  Emery gained an ounce a day and Benton gained almost double that.  This was amazing for preemie twins.  Go boobies!  

Daily Routine: I wouldn't say we have a routine just yet!  Ha!  It is basically survival mode up in here.  We all live our life in 3 hour increments.  I am still figuring out what time in the morning I want to be our "wake up" time.  Just the other morning all of my kids needed me RIGHT THAT MINUTE.  Blakely woke up and was "starving" please make me breakfast NOW.  Both babies were screaming because they were "starving" and needed diaper changes.  I was just rolling out of bed and could not shake the cobwebs.  Blakely needed to be at school in like 30 minutes.  It was not fun.  I decided then that on days we have to be somewhere in the morning that I just have to get up after the 5-6 am feeding.  It is the only way to avoid that morning crush at 8 am of everyone needing me at the same time.  Blah.  I am not a morning person.  

A few things about the babes:
  • Benton is a grunter and a groaner.  He has some reflux I think and maybe some issues with gas and so I think this is his way of dealing with it.  He doesn't spit up though so I don't know.  Maybe he is just a grunty baby! 
  • Emery is supa chill.  Unless she's hungry and then WATCH OUT.  But most of the time she will just lay there looking around and easily put herself to sleep when she gets tired.
  • We went for our first walk in the stroller.  I have realized that I do MUCH better if I get out of the house every day...even to just talk around the neighborhood.  

  • They both sleep in the rock n play sleepers during the day.  LOVE those things.  
  • Benton is solid as a rock...even though he is small.  He holds his head up awesome.  
  • We call Emery our limp noodle.  You pick her up and she just flails her arms out and doesn't care a thing about holding her head up.  I think this has a lot to do with not being held all the time while she was in the NICU.  Kind of makes me sad to think about it but we are making up for all the not holding time ;)
  • Second ever family of five photo.  Eventually we will get one where I don't look like I've been hit by a truck.  
  • Benton likes to purse his lips and it cracks Lonnie and I up every time.  
  • First time getting a bath at home.  You were both almost a month old because you got wash cloth/wipey baths while in the hospital.  Baths are quite the production.  

  • They don't care a thing about each other at this point.  They don't act like they even know the other one is there.  But if they are hungry then they will suck on the other one's hand if it gets too close!  

Dear sweet babies, 
  I can hardly even believe you are here.  You spent most of your first month in a hospital and we are so happy to have you both home.  I feel like we can start living life now!  You are both so sweet and love to cuddle, especially you Ben man!  You have added so much love to our lives.  I think now that we are home your Daddy and I realize just how much our hearts have grown.  We have THREE kids!  How wonderful!  Emery-I am so proud of what a strong little girl you are.  You rocked your hospital stay and I can't wait to see how you take on the world!  Benton-my sweet boy.  You love to cuddle and would be okay if someone held you all day long.  Sometimes I pull you into bed with me because I know you will sleep better and I love the cuddles.  I hope you always love your mama this much!  Happy one month sweet twinks!