Monday, March 30, 2015

30 weeks

How Far Along:  30 weeks!  So happy to have a 3 in front of those numbers.  

Maternity Clothes Since I'm on bed rest I live in leggings and Lonnie's shirts.  Don't see that changing any time soon.  Although I did put on one of my shirts that still fits for the garage sale this weekend...and so I could take this picture!  ha!  

Weight Gain:  I had lost weight last week.  I wasn't surprised because I had been so nauseous.  The last few days I seem to have my appetite back so that is good!  Give me all the sour patch kids ever.  

Sleep: Meh.  It comes and goes.  The couple of days after I got the steroid shots sleep was horrible of course.  Now it's okay.  I sleep hard but just wake up a million times to adjust.  Hip pain is the culprit.  

Best Moment of the Week: Just not going into labor is a great moment.  
Movement The movement has gone to a whole new level.  I mean babies everywhere.  Blakely has felt them a couple of times. It is pretty much constant motion of some sort.  Occasionally I feel like one of them is trying to escape through my belly button.  Speaking of belly button, it is pretty flat.  It always stayed an innie with Blakely but this pregnancy may make it stick on out.  ;)

Symptoms  all about the same as my last update.  reflux is worse mainly because of all the laying down.  I am pretty uncomfortable but I really don't care.  As long as the babies keep growing and stay in there I will take all the pain and discomfort.  

What I Miss:  playing with Blakely.  :(  She is being a trooper but I know she misses me getting down on the floor and playing with her.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I really want a huge salad.  I know that's random  but I haven't had one in a while because lettuce is about the absolute worst thing for indigestion.  

Gender: boy and girl.  They MAY have names.  We are giving them a test drive and seeing how they work ;)

What I'm Looking Forward to the new crib is being delivered this week and Blakely's furniture is as well!  Fun!  

Weekly Wisdom: RELAX

Milestones:   getting to 30 weeks.  This means we have MAX 8 weeks left and more than likely 6-7 at the most.  This is getting crazy close.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I'll start this off by saying that everything is okay.  It has been a stressful 2 weeks and it still is pretty stressful around here but we are making it.  One day at a time.  

Thursday, March 19.  

I had not been feeling right all week.  Nothing major just a little lightheaded and no appetite (which was quite the change!).  I woke up from a nap around 2:30 and I had been dreaming that I was taking a nap and having contractions.  After being awake for a few minutes I realized that I was actually having contractions.  Great.  I came upstairs and tried to get comfortable, drank a ton of water, etc.  Blakely was here with Brenda.  I started timing them at about 3:30...every 7 minutes.  I mentioned it to Brenda and she offered to stay until Lonnie got home or my mom got here.  I wasn't too worried yet.  At 4:30 they were about every 4 minutes.  Started worrying.  My mom left work and came here and Lonnie got home about 5:15.  Still contracting regularly so I called my doctor and up I went to the hospital.  Lonnie stayed with B and my mom came with me.  

They checked my urine and I was dehydrated.  Which is crazy for the amount of water I drink.  I also had ketones in my urine which can make you feel lightheaded, etc.  I had a fever as well,  wth?  So they hooked me up to the IV, monitored the babes and gave me terbutaline for the contractions, which were now every 2 minutes.  That made them stop thankfully but I had to stay until I got all the fluid.  Cervix still closed....hallelujah.  Fetal fibronectin was negative....basically that means the chance of going into labor in the next 2 weeks is very low.  Got home after midnight.  They told me to be on bed rest until my appointment on Monday.  

I had contractions on and off the rest of the weekend but nothing worrisome or regular.  I laid down and did not do a single thing.  

Monday, March 23.

I had my appointment at 1015.  I had to get Blakely ready to go with Juanet and then get myself ready.  By the time I was ready to leave for the doctor I was uncomfortable and worn out.  Basically he said that I am obviously prone to contracting early and I probably will from here on out.  That is okay we just need to worry when they get regular.  He switched me to weekly appointments.  They also gave me a steroid shot to mature the babies lungs in case I do deliver early.  Then we talked about an at-home medicine I can take...procardia.  Basically when/if the contractions get going regularly I need to take one.  If they haven't backed off in 30 min. to an hour then I take another one.  If that doesn't slow them then I need to go to labor and delivery.  Cervix was still closed and the babies looked fine.  Also, bed rest from here on out....or at least until 34 weeks which is our goal at the moment.  I was so ready to go home and lay down.  

Monday afternoon/early evening I started contracting AGAIN.  Seriously?  Glad I got that prescription filled.  I ended up taking a procardia at about 7pm.  The contractions went from every 4 minutes to every 7.  Good but not good enough for me!  I took another one about an hour later and they stopped.  I tried to go to sleep but I was hopped up on steroids so it was a very long night.  

Tuesday, March 24. 

I woke up feeling very comfortable thank goodness.  I seriously didn't want to move.  I felt like all the moving and doing Monday nearly sent me into labor so I was happy to stay in  bed.  But I had to go back to the doctor at 11 to get the second dose of steroids for the babies lungs.  My aunt Jenni was here watching B and waiting on me.  We went to the doctor and came right back home to the bed.  I was feeling good...all day.

Midnight I wake up with really painful contractions.  Up to this point they had never been painful.  I mean I could feel them but I wouldn't say there was pain.  These were PAINFUL.  I had a few about 3 minutes apart and realized I couldn't get out of the bed.  I had to call Lonnie to help me (because I was afraid I was going to pee the bed) and he did and we timed them for a bit then I took a procardia.  I took another one 30 minutes later because the first one didn't help.  The meds made them less painful but they were still every 3-4 minutes.  By this point it was 3 am and I was in tears.  Lonnie was back asleep and I really thought we were going to have to go to the hospital.  But at some point I fell back asleep.  I woke up 2 hours later and was fine.  GAH.  So stressful.  I laid around all day Tuesday and did nothing.  I basically only got up to pee and then back to the couch or the bed. 

Since then things have been stable.  I still have contractions here and there (1-2 an hour) but nothing to really be worried about.  I feel like bed rest is helping that situation.  Although bed rest is pretty difficult!  I just want my uterus to RELAX and let these babes keep growing.  Right now I am taking it one day at a time.  Every day the babes stay in there is good.  Since my cervix is still closed I am not overly concerned that they could come any minute.  Although I go back and forth on this.  Trying not to panic and trying to stay calm!  I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and hoping everything remains stable!

Friday, March 27, 2015

28 weekers with the twinkers

So I typed all this out a good 2 weeks ago but then things got hectic and I never posted.  So much has happened recently but I want to post this and then I'll give an update on where we are now!  

How Far Along:  28 weeks!  This is another one of those little milestones I have had in my head so I am happy to be here.  

Maternity Clothes Yes.  I have graduated into Lonnie's t-shirts if I am just at the house.  Pretty much don't want to get into anything else.  

Sleep: Ehhhh.  Not very good.  I just wake up a lot and then can't get back to sleep.  Not necessarily because I am uncomfortable, which I am, but just because I am awake! Sleep great during the day if I get a chance though!  

Best Moment of the Week:  There have been lots of moments.  Lonnie was off this last week so we were able to get quite a bit done around the house.  The very last room to organize is the laundry room...saved it for last because I hate it.  Other than that we have de-cluttered every thing else.  Now we are hoping to have the garage sale in 2 weeks so we can get all this stuff out of the house.  Each room still has a little bit left to do before I can say it is complete but we have made HUGE progress.  HUGE and it makes me so happy.  

We went to last week to try and decide on a stroller.  Of course they didn't have the ones I wanted to see out on display so I am just going to have to wing it.  I also wanted to lay eyes on a crib.  Long story with the crib but they don't make Blakely's anymore so I have to get something else.  Which wouldn't be that big of a deal except Blakely's has a very curved back and both cribs are sharing a wall so I felt like they curvy backs needed to match.  Then I needed to match the color.  I think I found one.  I won't really know unit lit gets here so fingers crossed!  

Lonnie also made me get a support belt thingy for my belly.  I haven't been able to stand up much without my tummy just being super tight and painful.  So I reluctantly got one.  Can you say game changer?  I mean so far it is really really helping me.  It helps my back as well.  I can sit up for longer periods of time without being in pain which helps my comfort level when I do actually need to lay down.  

I registered this week.  I am having a shower (sprinkle?) in about 3 weeks.  I wasn't sure about having one but the friends weren't taking no for an answer...and I don't have a single boy thing!  SO I just registered for a few things at a boutique here in town and at BRU for some nursing supplies, etc.  

I got my cloth diapers in the mail.  Why is that so fun?  I don't know but I was pretty excited when I opened them.  
Movement Yes...all the time.  Now that they are bigger I can tell which one it is that is moving most of the time.  Not always though.  

Symptoms:  pretty much the same with a few new ones.  The reflux has started like crazy.  I can't eat any where near bed time.  I definitely did not have it this bad with Blakely.  I only want to eat cold stuff and not a lot of anything because I feel so full to begin with.  I have gained about 4 pounds in the last month and that is about 25-27 total...I can't remember exactly.  

My skin.  Oh my poor skin.  Just a few days ago it started really hurting on my belly.  I felt like it was going to split open right down the middle.  I have been massaging it with multiple different types of oils and creams and lotions and potions.  That makes it feel better temporarily but then it is right back to the stinging pain.  So far I don't have any new stretch marks just the ones I got with B.  Those are massively stretched out and ticked off looking so I know it is only a matter of time before new ones pop up.  I don't care a single thing about getting new ones because I know it is inevitable but wow....the skin pain.  

What I Miss: I don't really miss much but I do look forward to a large glass of wine.

Genderboy and a girl.  We still don't have names!  I think baby sister has a name but we went back to the drawing board with baby brother's name.  And Blakely's hates the girl name so we will see how that plays out.  Every time we say it she says NO!  That is not her name but I think she is coming around.  

What I'm Looking Forward to  I love being pregnant and feeling these babes move so I don't want to wish the pregnancy away.  I know I may not (probably won't) get to do this again.  All that to say...I am really excited for these 9-10 weeks to pass and to get to hold these little miracles in my arms.  

Weekly Wisdom: relax and try to enjoy these last weeks 

Milestones:  28 weeks is huge.  Very happy to be here and now let's get to 32 and beyond!  

I went to the doctor last week and Lonnie got to come with me.  We had a growth ultrasound.  I was so happy to see the babes as it had been over a month!  They were both looking good.  The first thing she measured was baby boy's head.  It measured 31 weeks and 1 day.  I nearly panicked.  Because I was 27 weeks 1 day!  I was mainly worried that he would be much bigger than sister and that would be worrisome.  But no.  That was not the case.  Both babies were measuring 29 weeks and some days.  So they are both large.  About 2 1/2 pounds!  No wonder I feel so super pregnant.  And right now they are both transverse so maybe that has something to do with the extreme stretching of the skin pain?  I get another growth ultrasound at about 31 weeks.  

I passed my glucose test so I had O.reos in celebration.  We talked about different birth plans but it seems like a post of its own.  Cervix is still a rockstar.  I go back in 2 weeks (which is just one week now).  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Blakely thought it was pretty cool that everyone was wearing green on Mommy's birthday!  

My mom, aunt and Grand had a little party for me yesterday and Blakely was SO EXCITED about it.  I meant she couldn't stop talking about it.  Right when I walked in the door (she was already there) she started telling me about the shamrock cookies and the pink plates and the cake and the presents that I was going to get.  She told me which chair to sit in and then she told Lonnie all about it when we got home.  Then she told Juanet all about it this morning.  IT was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  

We are partying hard here for my 33rd birthday.  Blakely went to MDO and Lonnie went to work.  I am laying on the couch all day and then my MIL is coming to make dinner.  Woo hoo!  Party animals.  I am just thankful to be right where I am at 33.  Couldn't be any luckier. :) 

Friday, March 6, 2015

wrapping up the week

Busy week around here.    

Lonnie was on call all weekend but it wasn't a terrible one.  They are never "good" but as long as he doesn't have to go back in multiple times I count it as a win.  We had one of his friends come over on Saturday afternoon to help us move a few larger items in the house and to bring stuff down from the attic.  I pretty much won't let Lonnie lift a thing but it is hard for him not to help.  Man thing I guess.  

He moved the TV's out of the armoire's we are selling and took a couple of large things up to the attic.  The conversion kit for the cribs, the extra leaves for my dining room table, stuff like that.  We had about 5 large bags of baby items he brought down from the attic.  Some of it is to sell and some I need to find a place for in the new baby room.

Blakely was ready to call the Hogs that day.  We lost but we did play the number 1 team.  

That's right.  I actually have a baby room now!  On Sunday, my friend Jenny had her two friends come pick up the king bedroom set she bought from me.  I did not know this guy that was going to move her stuff but I sent him a message on FB earlier in the week to ask him if was interested in moving some stuff around for me and he said yes.  So he moved her furniture out and then moved the baby furniture from Blakely's room into the baby room.  He also moved a few other items up to the garage for the sale we are going to have as soon as winter gets the hell out.  And then I made them move the treadmill.  What a ginorm pain that was.  I actually felt bad because I knew he was wishing he hadn't said yes! 

Lonnie was able to be here while they were here and seriously so thankful for that.  I can't walk up and down our stairs 20 times so he was able to direct them and do that.  Also, Jenny brought her mom and Sarah came over to help also.  It had been raining all morning so I wasn't sure they were going to show up so I didn't take the bedding of the beds.  (They had to move the downstairs mattress upstairs and then the upstairs mattress to the garage).  Well all the sudden they were here so Sarah helped me undress the beds and wash the sheets.  Then Jenny, Virg and Sarah proceeded to do all the things.  They wouldn't let me get up at all.  They vacuumed once the furniture was moved and told them exactly where I wanted things to go.  And they also brought me cookies.  Totally the best.  

After all that moving we were all exhausted.  Lonnie has gotten into the habit of using me as a pillow on the couch.  Usually he has the couch to himself but since being pregnant I have invaded his space.  So this is the compromise.  I'm okay with it.  :)

It is so nice to have Blakely's room mostly cleaned out.  All that is left in there is the queen bed that she sleeps on but will be moved to the baby room once her furniture comes in.  And her nightstands that I need to paint to match the babies room.  And a few toys on the floor that I wanted out of the living room.  The babies room just needs another crib (more on that later) and the bed moved in.  Ahhh.  It feels so good.  

On Monday I had the carpets cleaned in both of those rooms.  Then Tuesday Jennifer (organizer) came over so we could start on the babies closet organization.  So my super cleaned out nursery was turned into a war zone while we completely emptied out the closet. Their closet is really huge.  Part of it is going to have to be for storage of boxes that are not theirs.  But I am only willing to give up a certain amount of space in there and it has to be up on the top shelf.  So we are working on that.  I spent all day Monday going through Blakely's baby clothes.  I thought I had been good about getting rid of stuff as she outgrew it buuuuuut no.  There were like 5 tubs of newborn to 18 month stuff.  So I went back through it because if I kept it all then baby brother would have no space in the closet.  We organized the cloth diapers, baby blankets, toys, etc.  There is just so much.  We aren't done yet but will be next week.  

Wednesday I went and got my hair cut and highlighted for the first time in 8 months.  I HATE going this long but I just haven't made an appointment.  I was supposed to go when I was about 5 weeks pregnant but had to cancel last minute for a lab appointment in Little Rock.  I am really feeling like chopping it all off but I know I will never do it.  Ha!  My next appointment is when I will be like 36 weeks pregnant.  I told her I don't think I will be able to sit there for 3 hours then.  It was tough this time!

Yesterday was ANOTHER snow day.  It was pretty but, like usual, we couldn't leave the house.  Blakely went out to play the minute she got upstairs and saw all the snow.  She played for maybe an hour and then I made breakfast.  This child is having a growth spurt or something because she is eating SO MUCH.  She ate 3 big pancakes, 3 slices of bacon, a banana and half a carton of blueberries.  The rest of the day we just played and cleaned the house a bit.  

Then last night she threw up all night long.  Seriously.  What is up with that?  She did the same thing about 2 weeks ago.  Today she seems a little sickly and her fever is 99.8 but no puking since about 5 this morning.  I had big plans to take her to my aunt's house so I could gather all of our tax stuff up for the accountant.  I don't think that is going to happen.  So I guess we will hang out on the couch and watch movies.  I am not complaining about that but I really need to get some stuff done.  Buuuut I've had about 2 hours of sleep so I am thinking couch sounds pretty good.  

Today is Lonnie's last day of work for a week and we have a lot planned while he is off.  I am ready for him to be home and it isn't even 8:00.  At least we aren't supposed to get more snow.  It is March after all!  Happy weekend!   I am going to scrub puke out of sheets, pillow and peeps.  Wish me luck!  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friend Babies!

First of all, today is the first day I have had any time by myself at home in, well, I seriously don't remember.  Normally I have a couple of days a week when Blakely is at school to get things done around the house or run errands.  But for about 2 months now, on those days I have had J come over and help me get organized.  For 6 hours per day.  Then the last 2 weeks Blakely has been out of school because of the weather.  Last night I asked Juanet if she could keep Blakely today since she has other kids on Fridays and, hallelujah, it isn't snowing.  She said of course and I was so happy.  Not just for some relaxing alone time for myself but my girl is in some serious need of playtime with her friends.  She is very tired of Mommy.  I really don't even know what to do with myself today and I am sure a very long nap is in my future but first things first.  BLOG!  

I wanted to share about all the friend babies in my life right now!  As you probably know if you are my FB friend or have read this blog for any length of time I have a good size group of really close girlfriends.  Most of us have been friends since middle school or before and we have added a few to the group over the years.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have such great friends.  People ask me sometimes how we have stayed friends for so long and I really don't have an answer.  We just did and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.  

Two of them, Katie and Keisha, are pregnant also.  Katie is about 7 weeks behind me and Keisha is 12 weeks behind me.  
Casey's baby shower December 2014

December 2014.  This was not long after Keisha found out she was pregnant.  No one knew and she had just told me.  We were so excited!

Our friend Tina has a son that is about 7 months old (her SURPRISE! third baby as she had children before all of us...they are 10 and 8...quite the surprise for her).  Our other friend, Casey, just had her baby girl 2 months ago.  So that is 6 total babies all within a year!  {And not that this needs to be said but, hello, I can't wait for my Sarah to join this friend baby bunch!}
All of us (minus Keisha who met us at the race) at Sarah's bachelorette weekend in November 2013.  Riiiiiight before Tina got the surprise of her life!  

This may not really seem like a big deal but to me it totally is.  I spent a good (ridiculous) amount of time worrying that I wouldn't be able to have kids the same age as my friends or I wouldn't have babies like they would at all.  I mean I really cried about this to Lonnie many times before getting pregnant with Blakely and he obviously thought this was crazy.  

Flashback to 2010.  Lonnie and I had been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years and we were smack in the middle of month after month of failed treatment cycles.  I remember vividly when Keisha told me that she was pregnant in 2010.  I was so very shocked and so very happy for her.  She was sweet and uber sensitive to the fact that it may be hard for me.  I will never forget that.  Most people would not have even thought a thing about it.  It was definitely a hard pill to swallow and I definitely cried about it.  Not because I wasn't happy for her but because I didn't understand why that wasn't me.  I was trying so hard...she was not.  It is a weird thing to explain how you can be ecstatic for someone else's baby news and yet it also feel like a dagger to the heart.  Anyway, I spent the next months hoping that something would work for me and we would have babies close in age.

Flash forward to me getting pregnant in 2011.  I was the only one pregnant but soon after I announced my friend Katie told me she was expecting.  Blakely and her son are 5 months apart.  And Courtney also announced soon after and Blakely and her daughter are 6 months apart.  
This was my baby shower in September 2011

So all that worry and those are 4 babes in about a year and a half.  Looking back I realize how it seems ridiculous to worry about such things.  But infertility makes you crazy and so...I did.  

Now Katie, Keisha and I are working on siblings to our first born and we've added 2 new friend babies to the mix this time around.  It is crazy how life works out sometimes.

I am thankful for all of these sweet friends and SUPER HAPPY that our kids can grow up together.  Yay for friend babies!  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

so random

Feeling a little blah today.  A few things from my neck of the woods.  

Winter decided to finally show up.  Now I am not complaining about the snow (I see you Shannon) or the ice even.  But Blakely is SO VERY OVER IT.  She asked me this morning if she got to go to school today.  And when I told her no she was a wee bit pissed.  Our entire town shut down today just because there was snow in the forecast and not a drop had even fallen.  This is the third day this week and it was shut down 2 days last week.  So we are a bit tired of being in the house and I have run out of movie ideas for my girl.  Right now she is watching Toy Story for the second time this week.  And it is there is that.  She is for sure going to want to go play in it and I am for sure NOT.  Last week when we just had ice I let her play in the from yard while I sat right inside the front door watching her.  She kept asking to go sledding and I told her I couldn't.  I felt bad because she wanted to play with other kids so bad but there was no one to play with.  Bless her heart.  She looks super adorable though!  

Sidenote....I am so buying a legit snowsuit next year.  This whole searching high and low for snow/ice appropriate clothing is insane.  Nothing is waterproof so it all gets wet and then she still wants to be out so I have to find more stuff while the other stuff dries.  I don't care if she wears it once.  Buying it!  

Lonnie doesn't get to be "snowed in".  Obviously he has to go to work no matter what.  Yesterday he drove in on a sheet of ice but he made it.  Today he will be driving home in the snow.  He took my 4 wheel drive so I am not worried I would just rather him be here.  AND AT LEAST HE ISN'T ON CALL OMG.  

I am feeling so much better than I have been the last 2 weeks.  I really didn't even know how awful I felt until I started feeling better.  I think I had been working on that bladder infection for about 2 weeks.  I knew I was having low pelvic pain but I just figured...twin pregnancy.  Looking back I think it was bladder spasms all along.  That's not to say I am just bounding around with tons of energy and no pain or anything.  I still have to sit down as much as possible and by then end of the day my back hurts and my tummy is super tight.  I had my 25 weeks appt yesterday and all is looking great.  I go back in 2 weeks for my glucose test and a growth ultrasound.  I had a few contractions last night but once I got comfortable on the couch I was fine.  I didn't move the rest of the night.  

Speaking of that I need to just let y'all know how great my husband is being.  I mean seriously.  He works all day long and then when he comes home he does everything for Blakely.  Makes her dinner, gets her cleaned up, plays with/entertains her, bathes her, brushes her teeth and puts her to bed.  All so I can rest.  I try to sometimes help with some of those have dinner ready or something...but generally he does it all.  He also does every thing for me.  Makes my dinner, gets me refills of water, etc.  I know he is worn out and I am trying to let him know how much I appreciate everything he is doing.  Kind of makes me teary thinking about it.  He is the best.  

Juanet didn't come to clean this week (eff this weather) so I am slowly trying to get the laundry and dishes put away today.  It is slow going.  It is ridic how much I depend on her!  

We were supposed to move out the king bedroom set last weekend but my friend got stuck in Kentucky because of the snow.  So we are going to do it this weekend.  Then I will have an actual baby room and can start going through baby clothes.  That sounds super fun!  I just got an email that her furniture is on backorder until mid March.  So she will be living without a dresser for a while but we will make it work!  

Also I need to just stay off E.tsy.  I mean seriously with the adorable twin baby clothes.  

I think that is all the randomness from here.  I am off to fold another load of laundry and eat more pasta.  Or maybe more Oreos.  I haven't decided.  ;)