Friday, February 27, 2015

Friend Babies!

First of all, today is the first day I have had any time by myself at home in, well, I seriously don't remember.  Normally I have a couple of days a week when Blakely is at school to get things done around the house or run errands.  But for about 2 months now, on those days I have had J come over and help me get organized.  For 6 hours per day.  Then the last 2 weeks Blakely has been out of school because of the weather.  Last night I asked Juanet if she could keep Blakely today since she has other kids on Fridays and, hallelujah, it isn't snowing.  She said of course and I was so happy.  Not just for some relaxing alone time for myself but my girl is in some serious need of playtime with her friends.  She is very tired of Mommy.  I really don't even know what to do with myself today and I am sure a very long nap is in my future but first things first.  BLOG!  

I wanted to share about all the friend babies in my life right now!  As you probably know if you are my FB friend or have read this blog for any length of time I have a good size group of really close girlfriends.  Most of us have been friends since middle school or before and we have added a few to the group over the years.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have such great friends.  People ask me sometimes how we have stayed friends for so long and I really don't have an answer.  We just did and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.  

Two of them, Katie and Keisha, are pregnant also.  Katie is about 7 weeks behind me and Keisha is 12 weeks behind me.  
Casey's baby shower December 2014

December 2014.  This was not long after Keisha found out she was pregnant.  No one knew and she had just told me.  We were so excited!

Our friend Tina has a son that is about 7 months old (her SURPRISE! third baby as she had children before all of us...they are 10 and 8...quite the surprise for her).  Our other friend, Casey, just had her baby girl 2 months ago.  So that is 6 total babies all within a year!  {And not that this needs to be said but, hello, I can't wait for my Sarah to join this friend baby bunch!}
All of us (minus Keisha who met us at the race) at Sarah's bachelorette weekend in November 2013.  Riiiiiight before Tina got the surprise of her life!  

This may not really seem like a big deal but to me it totally is.  I spent a good (ridiculous) amount of time worrying that I wouldn't be able to have kids the same age as my friends or I wouldn't have babies like they would at all.  I mean I really cried about this to Lonnie many times before getting pregnant with Blakely and he obviously thought this was crazy.  

Flashback to 2010.  Lonnie and I had been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years and we were smack in the middle of month after month of failed treatment cycles.  I remember vividly when Keisha told me that she was pregnant in 2010.  I was so very shocked and so very happy for her.  She was sweet and uber sensitive to the fact that it may be hard for me.  I will never forget that.  Most people would not have even thought a thing about it.  It was definitely a hard pill to swallow and I definitely cried about it.  Not because I wasn't happy for her but because I didn't understand why that wasn't me.  I was trying so hard...she was not.  It is a weird thing to explain how you can be ecstatic for someone else's baby news and yet it also feel like a dagger to the heart.  Anyway, I spent the next months hoping that something would work for me and we would have babies close in age.

Flash forward to me getting pregnant in 2011.  I was the only one pregnant but soon after I announced my friend Katie told me she was expecting.  Blakely and her son are 5 months apart.  And Courtney also announced soon after and Blakely and her daughter are 6 months apart.  
This was my baby shower in September 2011

So all that worry and those are 4 babes in about a year and a half.  Looking back I realize how it seems ridiculous to worry about such things.  But infertility makes you crazy and so...I did.  

Now Katie, Keisha and I are working on siblings to our first born and we've added 2 new friend babies to the mix this time around.  It is crazy how life works out sometimes.

I am thankful for all of these sweet friends and SUPER HAPPY that our kids can grow up together.  Yay for friend babies!  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

so random

Feeling a little blah today.  A few things from my neck of the woods.  

Winter decided to finally show up.  Now I am not complaining about the snow (I see you Shannon) or the ice even.  But Blakely is SO VERY OVER IT.  She asked me this morning if she got to go to school today.  And when I told her no she was a wee bit pissed.  Our entire town shut down today just because there was snow in the forecast and not a drop had even fallen.  This is the third day this week and it was shut down 2 days last week.  So we are a bit tired of being in the house and I have run out of movie ideas for my girl.  Right now she is watching Toy Story for the second time this week.  And it is there is that.  She is for sure going to want to go play in it and I am for sure NOT.  Last week when we just had ice I let her play in the from yard while I sat right inside the front door watching her.  She kept asking to go sledding and I told her I couldn't.  I felt bad because she wanted to play with other kids so bad but there was no one to play with.  Bless her heart.  She looks super adorable though!  

Sidenote....I am so buying a legit snowsuit next year.  This whole searching high and low for snow/ice appropriate clothing is insane.  Nothing is waterproof so it all gets wet and then she still wants to be out so I have to find more stuff while the other stuff dries.  I don't care if she wears it once.  Buying it!  

Lonnie doesn't get to be "snowed in".  Obviously he has to go to work no matter what.  Yesterday he drove in on a sheet of ice but he made it.  Today he will be driving home in the snow.  He took my 4 wheel drive so I am not worried I would just rather him be here.  AND AT LEAST HE ISN'T ON CALL OMG.  

I am feeling so much better than I have been the last 2 weeks.  I really didn't even know how awful I felt until I started feeling better.  I think I had been working on that bladder infection for about 2 weeks.  I knew I was having low pelvic pain but I just figured...twin pregnancy.  Looking back I think it was bladder spasms all along.  That's not to say I am just bounding around with tons of energy and no pain or anything.  I still have to sit down as much as possible and by then end of the day my back hurts and my tummy is super tight.  I had my 25 weeks appt yesterday and all is looking great.  I go back in 2 weeks for my glucose test and a growth ultrasound.  I had a few contractions last night but once I got comfortable on the couch I was fine.  I didn't move the rest of the night.  

Speaking of that I need to just let y'all know how great my husband is being.  I mean seriously.  He works all day long and then when he comes home he does everything for Blakely.  Makes her dinner, gets her cleaned up, plays with/entertains her, bathes her, brushes her teeth and puts her to bed.  All so I can rest.  I try to sometimes help with some of those have dinner ready or something...but generally he does it all.  He also does every thing for me.  Makes my dinner, gets me refills of water, etc.  I know he is worn out and I am trying to let him know how much I appreciate everything he is doing.  Kind of makes me teary thinking about it.  He is the best.  

Juanet didn't come to clean this week (eff this weather) so I am slowly trying to get the laundry and dishes put away today.  It is slow going.  It is ridic how much I depend on her!  

We were supposed to move out the king bedroom set last weekend but my friend got stuck in Kentucky because of the snow.  So we are going to do it this weekend.  Then I will have an actual baby room and can start going through baby clothes.  That sounds super fun!  I just got an email that her furniture is on backorder until mid March.  So she will be living without a dresser for a while but we will make it work!  

Also I need to just stay off E.tsy.  I mean seriously with the adorable twin baby clothes.  

I think that is all the randomness from here.  I am off to fold another load of laundry and eat more pasta.  Or maybe more Oreos.  I haven't decided.  ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A little scare

Thursday evening, after resting most of the afternoon because Brenda was here, I got up to sit in the kitchen with my mom and Lonnie when they got home.  I was up for maybe 10 minutes and I all of the sudden just didn't feel right.  I was nauseated and felt like I was having a contraction.  I have Braxton Hicks contractions quite a bit in the evening (did with Blakely too) so I just grabbed my water and went to lay back down on the couch.  

For 20 minutes I could not get comfortable and I kept having contractions.  They felt different.  BH are usually on one side or the other and these were all over.  And they kinda hurt and were coming pretty quick.  I mean they didn't hurt hurt but I could definitely feel them.  I got in a different position and got my phone to start timing them.  Sure enough for the next 20 minutes I was having them every 3 minutes.  So I told Lonnie about it and I went downstairs to get in my bed where I knew I could get comfortable propped up with pillows.  I downed a glass of water, my second since this started.  

After being downstairs for a little over 20 minutes, so a total of 45 minutes of timing the contractions and an hour since they abruptly started, I told Lonnie we had to call.  I had about 13 in 45 minutes, averaging 3 minutes apart.  I texted my doctor to see if he was busy and if he could call me.  He called right back and I told him everything.  He said that was too many and to head up to labor and delivery.  He called them to tell them I was coming.  

So we did.  I was really hoping that just making the call would make the contractions stop.  But no such luck.  I had about 4 on the way there.  

When we got there they hooked me up to the monitor and then started trying to monitor the babies heart rates.  Well the babies WOULD NOT cooperate and stay still so they spent a good hour trying to do that.  They would get them both on there and then one of them would move and then the other would move and we had to start over.  I noticed that the contraction monitor wasn't picking up the contractions when I would feel them.  I asked the nurse this to make sure.  She said it wasn't.  Well the next one I had I made her feel my super tight belly and she said oh yes you are having a contraction.  So we moved the contraction monitor lower and it started picking them up.....every 3 minutes.  Ugh.  

They checked my cervix and it was hard and closed.  YAY.  They did a fetal fibronectin test which came back negative.  Read about that here...  They also checked my urine and apparently I have a UTI.  I had no idea.  I did know that they can cause contractions to start.  So the UTI was the culprit of this mess.  My doctor was in another town about an hour away (he wasn't on call) but came up there to see me when he got back into town.  Yes, he is awesome and I love him.  They gave me a shot of antibiotics and the contractions began to get less intense.  They were never intense for me but less intense on the monitor.  But since I was still having them every 3 minutes I had to get a shot of terbutaline.  They almost immediately stopped.  Man I was happy.  They checked my cervix again to make sure there had been no change since I had been contracting for about 3-4 hours at this point and it was still hard and closed.  YAY....I got to go home.  

So all of that to say it was a little scary but everything is fine now.  I am on an antibiotic to get rid of the UTI and I go back for my regular check up on Monday.  I was pretty calm through the whole thing.  I knew something was up but I never thought the babies were coming.  I just felt like everything was going to be okay.  I had been a little nauseated all day Thursday and I was not hungry which was pretty weird since I feel like I could eat 24/7.  I am hoping to not have to go back to L&D until these babes are full term.  This was just a little bump in the road.  I have been resting all weekend since Lonnie is off to take care of me and Blakely.  

Friday night she woke up about midnight and yelled out for me right before vomiting ALL over her entire bed.  I mean her pillows, her sheets, her peeps, her blankets and the wall were completely covered.  As was she.  All over her face and in her hair.  It was so incredibly nasty.  Lonnie came down to help me and I gathered up all the puke soaked things and he bathed her.  I covered her bed in towels and she went right back to sleep.  She then woke up about every hour to throw up a little and dry heave a lot.  Poor baby.  She feels pretty rough today but thankfully no more puking.  She is just laying around and watching movies.  She even fell asleep on the couch which has only happened one other time ever.  When she had a stomach bug back in October.  So I am hoping this is a quick 24 hour thing and she didn't share it with any of us.  

So that is our weekend!  I hope yours was much better!!!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

24 weeks

How Far Along:  24 weeks.  In my head I have had little milestones for this pregnancy.  The first one was 12 weeks and the next one was 24 weeks so I am PUMPED to have made it.  The babies are considered "viable" meaning they could possibly survive with lots of medical help if born now.  No way do we want that....stay put babes! 
22 weeks

24 weeks

Maternity Clothes  Of course.  I am realizing that I am going to outgrow all maternity clothes.  Someone told me at the beginning of the pregnancy that I would need 2 sets of them...big and huge.  Well no kidding.  Some of my shirts are getting too short.  I may go ahead and start wearing some maxi dresses even though it is still pretty chilly out.  Or I may just only wear pajama pants because jeans can just suck it.  Leggings are pants, right?  :/

Sleep:  I am sleeping good.  I wake up quite a few times to go pee but I go right back to sleep.  The sad thing is I have kicked Lonnie out of our bed.  I have a good reason!  Promise!  He snores on occasion.  I mean it is a little soft purr type of snore so it has never really bothered me.  And he only does it when he is having issues with his allergies which he is because one day it is 65 and the next it is 35.  For some reason, when pregnant, I CAN NOT go back to sleep if I wake up and he is purring.  After a few days of this I made him move to the couch.  Mean wife.  I know.  I hate it because I love sleeping with him but I wasn't sleeping and it was really making me grumpy.  So we are trying this for a little while until his snot gets under control.  Which will probably be about when the babies get here.  :/   Geeez..we sound so super old.  

Best Moment of the Week:  Lonnie has been feeling the babies move which is just totally fun.  Blakely still hasn't but mainly because she doesn't have the patience to wait.  She pretends she feels them all the time though.

Movement:   Oh yes.  Pretty much all the time.  I love it so very much.  It is hard for me to tell which one is which now since they are both getting bigger.  I do know when I feel movement really low that is is baby brother's head.  We peeked in on them the other day and I have 4 feet up under my right ribcage.  I knew I was feeling a lot of stuff there but I though maybe it was a head.  Baby boy is head down right in the center and baby girls head is in my left lower quadrant.  Obviously that can and will change but it was interesting to see basically how they are laying in there.  

Symptoms:    Same as before.  I have started having a little reflux but it isn't too terrible.  The BH contractions have started.  They started about this time with Blakely also so they don't freak me out too much.  When I start having them I know I need to sit down and rest for a bit.  I am drinking a load of water and peeing all the time.  When my bladder is full it causes BH's and when baby boy is really active I can have some BH's as well.

By the end of the day, ya know, like 5:00 I am ready to be a couch potato.  If there is something that I need to do after that then I need to rest all afternoon to prepare.  The nights Lonnie is on call are the hardest because I have to do it all myself, which under normal circumstances is not a problem.  We try to have my mom or his mom come over on those nights to help.  I am so so so so thankful to have all of the help that we have.  I seriously don't know how we would do it without.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I am obsessed with lemonade but only the Sim.ply Lemon.ade.  I loved it when I was pregnant with Blakely too.  I could drink it all day every day but try not to.  I posted this the other day but can you even believe he left this tiny amount of backwash?  I was not a happy mama.  But don't worry...he got more for me :)

What I Miss:  nothing right now!

What I'm Looking Forward to:  Getting the rooms set up.  I sold our furniture and they are coming to get it this Friday.  They are also moving the baby furniture into the baby room once they get that big furniture out.  So I will have a baby room.  Yay!  I have ordered Blakelys new furniture and her new bedding.  I also ordered the rugs for Blakely's room and the babies' room and ALSO the bedding for the queen bed in the babies' room.  Yay for President's Day sales!  The main thing I need to order now is the new crib and the crib bedding.  Planning on doing that this week.  

So ready to get this garage sale over with so I can get rid of all this junk in my house.  It is amazing how unorganized you have to get when you are organizing.

Ummm...buying twin clothes?  This may become a problem!  

Milestones:  24 weeks.  Getting a good reports from the doctor.  24-28 weeks is a crucial time for twins.  It is when you have the highest chance of going into preterm labor.  I am going in every week to make sure all is well and just listening to my body and taking the opportunity to rest when I can.  I have an ultrasound next week to make sure the babies are growing on track and I can't wait to see them again!  

Blakely's take:  She wants the babies to come now.  I told her they aren't ready and she tells them to grow fast!  

Hello babies!  Grow fast!

I get three kisses most of the time.  One for me and then one for baby brudder and baby sister.  Swoon.  

Friday, February 13, 2015


The other day I mentioned that Brenda has started work for me.  A few of you asked what she was doing and I wanted to write a whole post on that so here goes.  This may get wordy and long.  Probably because I have very strong feelings about it and it has taken me a long time to process why I get so feely about this subject.  Ummmm....pregnant.  Anyway...

A couple of months ago Lonnie and I were talking about how we needed a little more help around the house.  Right now we have Juanet that comes and cleans for 4 hours every Tuesday.  We needed more.  I was VERY resistant to this idea.  I always become a little defiant when he has mentioned this before because I guess I feel like it is an attack on me.  It's not and he never broaches it in that manner.  But I am sensitive apparently.  

But as this pregnancy has progressed I realize that he is right.  We do need more help around the house.  And especially more help when the babies come.  My whole thing was I did not want a every single human being tells me that I need.  

Have you hired a nanny?  

Who is going to be your nanny?

You are going to need a nanny!

But I couldn't deny that we could use some help around the house and that it would be nice to have another set of hands here during the day when the babes are little.  Because more than likely Lonnie will get a couple of days off if that much and then I will be flying solo.  Little scary.  

We had many a talk about exactly what we would like and how we were going to go about getting it.  He wanted 4 days a week.  I wanted 2 days a week.  He kept calling it a nanny.  That would piss me off.  We can't look for a nanny and then say OH HEY we want you to clean the house, do some laundry, do the dishes and keep me organized.  If you say nanny then they think they are taking care of babies!  IIIII want to take care of the babies and someone else to do all the other crap.  He thought it would be easy to find someone.  I didn't really even know that I would ever let someone into my house to do these things. 

I am not sure exactly what my hang up was.  There were a lot of little things that I thought about so I will just jot them down here.  

  • I didn't want anyone in my house.  We have Juanet and that's all I want.
  • I don't want to learn how to take care of newborn twins and a 3 year old in front of someone new.  (i.e.not my mom or Lonnie)
  • I am supposed to trust someone to watch said newborn twins while I take a nap after not sleeping all night?  Funny.  
  • I'd like to have some time to myself.  I mean not just myself.  Myself + children.  But the thought of having someone here everyday sounded like a nightmare to me.  What if I needed a glass of wine at noon?  (JUST KIDDING)  (NOT REALLY)
  • I didn't want to feel like I had to "put on" for someone.  Let's be real.  When Blakely was a newborn I walked around in mesh panties for a month and cried every single day.  I felt like if we had someone here during the day with me that I would feel pressure to actually get dressed and act like a normal human being.  (Now that I type this maybe that would be a good thing!)
So all of that.  I am sure I was over thinking it but still.  This is a big deal.  After a while of discussing it I realized that yes, in fact, we do need to find someone.  We made a list, a sort of job description if you will.  I felt like this was important because I didn't want there to be any confusion about what would be expected of this person.  

I think the thing that changed my mind about getting help was that I want to be able to take care of my babies.  I do not want to do the dishes!  Ha!  I would like to focus my attention on my kids and be able to do the things for them that I enjoy doing.  Of course I will have to do house stuff too but the more help I have in that area the better.  I mean we let someone do our yard work because Lonnie doesn't want to do it!  Like Shannon said, outsource when and where possible.

And then we talked to Juanet.  

When we began talking about this my first (and only) thought was that it HAS TO BE JUANET.  No questions.  It has to be her.  She has worked for us for 8 years.  Over that time she has become a very close friend to me.  She knows everything.  I am pretty sure when someone cleans your house for that long they know you better than, well, anyone.  She loves Blakely and she loves these new babies.  She has cried with me through infertility and she has prayed for my babies like they were her own.  She is just one of those people that you know there should be more of in the world.  It had to be her and I knew that she wouldn't be able to do it. 

Because I am not the only one who realizes how awesome Juanet is!  She watches kids on M, W, F and cleans houses on T, TH.  One of the kids she watches is her less than one year old granddaughter and her close friend's son (4).  She is committed to that and I understand that.  Honestly, that is one of the reasons she is so great.  She is not going to leave the people she is close to hanging.  And boy would they be hanging if she left them!  And they would probably come looking for me.  Ha!  But I though we may have a chance to get her to stop cleaning houses on T + TH.  I knew it was a long shot but it was our only shot.  The people she cleans for are her close friends, like me.  She has been cleaning them all longer than me (8 years) except for one.

To make this story a little less of a novel we approached her about the job.  Lonnie and I talked to her about it and let her think about it for a while.  I knew it wasn't going to happen.  I knew she was upset about it.  She wants to do it but she just can't right now.  If it were a year from now then she would be able to make something work.  But right now she just can't.  We talked about the T + TH thing and we worked out where she could come all day Tuesday instead of just 4 hours when the babies come.  That was a start.

Lonnie and I had compromised on having someone come 3 days a week.  So now we just needed to find someone to come those other 2 days.  I seriously had no idea where to start. Juanet also babysits for a lot of different people so I told her if she knew of anyone else of heard anything to let us know.  We let a few other people know what we were looking for as well.  

Not 2 days later we heard about a lady named Brenda.  Juanet had mentioned that an acquaintance of ours (M) had a lady that came to help her out a couple of days a week and she would ask her about it.  Well M's daughter is Blakely's age and they are in the same gymnastics class so I talked to her about it.  I could not believe what she was telling me.  This lady sounded perfect.  M had been using her since her 3rd was born and she told me of 4 other couples that we knew that had used her.  There were a couple of other mom's at gymnastics that were like "Oh are you talking about Brenda?  We LOOOOVE her".  She cleans, she organizes like crazy, she does laundry at no extra charge and she loves kids.  A couple of them said Brenda was the only other person on the planet they would let drive their kids somewhere.  One mom said she was the only person she has let babysit over night.  It was sounding real good.  So I called her up and she came over for an interview.  

Let me tell you I was nervous.  I mean I have never done this before.  But hearing all these other mom's talk about it made me realize that I am not the only person looking for this kind of help.  I wanted her to like us!  She is apparently a hot commodity and she sounded perfect so I was pinning my hopes on this.  And then Brenda strolled through the door and I was instantly put at ease.  She is so nice and sweet.  We talked to her about the things we wanted and she never batted an eye.  She said those are all the things she does for other families so this would be perfect and she wanted to do it.  She wanted more steady work so 2 days a week was great.  She has so much experience with this exact type of job.  She has watched lots of kids of all different ages and she has even taken care of twins before.  The only thing she didn't want to do was every Friday.  You see because she babysits frequently for people who go out of town for the weekend so she wants to leave that option open.  Ummm, hello fine with me.  I wanted to hire her on the spot.  Could she be more perfect?  She literally retired from her job early to do this job and she said she would have done it a lot sooner if she had realized people needed it so much!  

A few days later I called her and we hired her.  We had discussed at the "interview" (I guess you would call it that) what we were looking for immediately and what we wanted when the babies come.

She is going to come once a week starting right now.  So she can get to know our house and Blakely, of course.  If I go on bed rest at any point we want her to start 2 days a week.  And then 2 days a week when the babies come.  

I was really nervous Wednesday for her to come the next day.  I was trying to make a list of things she could do.  Lonnie thinks I am being overly dramatic about all of this.  I tell him he doesn't understand because he isn't the one at home with someone new for 8 hours!  But on Wednesday night he was really sweet and told me that the next day was a big day and he wished he could be there with me.  He could tell I was nervous.  I know it sounds stupid but it is just hard to let someone come into your house and see all your stuff?  Am I right?  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Also, I don't have the twins yet!  It is just me and Blakely so I wasn't really sure what I was going to have her do.  She was coming for 8 hours and there is no way I can stay upright for 8 hours.  I was unsure about saying, Oh I need to go lay down now while you work in my house.  Weird.  But that is why we have her coming one day right now so I can rest when I need to.  It made me feel a little lazy but like Lonnie told me, keeping the babies in is the most important thing right now so I have to do what I have to do.  

She came with me to take Blakely to gymnastics.  I wanted her to know how to do that in case I need her to at some point.  She started some laundry and did the dishes.  She played with Blakely and she organized some of my cabinets.  But the biggest thing she did was she organized my OUT OF CONTROL pantry.  Like took everything out, wiped down the shelves and put every thing back in.  Well not everything...we threw a lot of stuff out and there were a few garage sale items in there as well.  When it was time for B's nap I told her I needed to lay on the couch for a while.  I was getting SO uncomfortable in the kitchen chair.  My back was killing my and my lady parts were (please don't let that turn up a search).  She was fine with that.  She kept organizing away and would occasionally come in and ask me about a few things.  At one point I thought I might cry.  I need to do these things so bad but I am just not able to physically do them.  This pregnancy  is so very different than Blakely's and I am fine with that.  But it is a little overwhelming to see all the things that need to be done and know that you can't do them.  I told her how much I appreciated how she was helping me and she had no idea how happy it made me.  She said you have no idea how happy it makes me to help you and to do things like this!  So yeah.  She is awesome.  

I know this turned out to be the longest post ever but I didn't want to split it into 2 because...boring.  But it has just been a little bit of a journey for me to accept this help and I still get nervous about it sometimes so I wanted to document.  I am sure in a few months I will look back and laugh at myself!  

Long story short I went from not wanting help to thanking my lucky stars that I found this woman.  She is going to be wonderful for my family.  She already is and she has been here one day.  Thank you universe for sending her my way.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Daddy's Girl

These two people that I live with are kinda weird.  In a good way.  They have this special bond and I love to see it.

Every single day when Lonnie gets home it is the same routine.  Blakely hears the garage door go up and she yells, "It's Daddy!".  She runs and opens the door to the garage and yells DADDY until she hears him say "come on out".  Then she sprints up to him.  They get the paper and check the mailbox.  Then they come inside.  

After he changes clothes they begin their little routine.  They play chase and hide and seek until he can't play anymore and he goes and sits in his spot on the couch.  She promptly sits in her spot right in his lap.  They proceed to play with and annoy each other for the next hour.  Sometimes my mom is here and we just look at each other like "they are so weird!".

They tickle and poke each other.  They play giant and monster.  They growl, roar and laugh at each other.  She tries to freeze him while he blocks the curses.  He hides stuff behind her ear.  She hides herself under his shirt.  I swear they have their own little language because sometimes I have no clue what they are saying or talking about but they totally get it.  They do spider tickles (?), play juggins/sluggins/buggins (??) and there is always some sorter of fee fie foe fum game (???).  

Sometimes they just talk too.  She will ask him questions and he answers which leads to more questions.  I have overheard him explaining evaporation, telling her how he fixes things on his patients, why he needs to go to work to make money and the phases of the moon.  She listens intently to every word.  

After about an hour of this crazy she will remember I am there and look over and say, "I'm hungry now, Mommy".  Ha!  

The other day as I was laying on the couch watching them (and being completely ignored by them) I realized I haven't really taken any pictures of this and I should.  So I grabbed my phone and snapped a few.  Most of them turned out super blurry of course.  

But at one point, while they were catching their breath from all the tickles, she did this.  

And I just thought it was perfect.  This picture sums up exactly how she feels about him.  Completely enthralled.  It might be my favorite ever.  

I love these two weirdos.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

a whole lot of random!

  • Did anyone watch the Grammy's?  Sam Smith rocks my world.  Not even kidding.  I could listen to him sing forever.  Amaze.  

  • So fired up about my Pats winning the Super Bowl.  Did you watch?  That ending was so crazy.  I could not pick my jaw up off the floor.  This was the first year I watched it without Sarah so we texted about 400 times during the game.  I told her never again!  

  • The house is coming along but we've reached the point where I want it done.  Like now.  I know it takes a little time but I am ready to have the rooms set up and all this shit out of here.  I am hoping by mid March that will be the case.  I sold our bedroom furniture and they are coming to get it on the 20th.  They are also moving all of Blakely's furniture into the baby room that same day.  I need to get the second crib and go ahead and order B's furniture and then the basics of the rooms will be ready.  I have been waiting to order Blakely's new stuff until we actually had a place to put it!  

  • The weather is getting better here although I am sure since I say that it will be 25 tomorrow.  Arkansas weather is so weird.  One day it feels like Spring and then 12 hours later it will be bitter cold with a serious wind chill.  

  • This is a pretty busy week for me.  Busy for pregnant with twins me not just regular old me.  
    • Monday-I sent B with Juanet, ran to Walmart to get stuff to make Valentine's for B's class and stuff for their parties and then came back home.  Jennifer (the girl helping me organize and prep for the garage sale) is about to be here and we are going to work all day.
    • Tuesday-take B to school.  Juanet comes to clean and Jennifer is coming for a half day.  My MIL is coming in the afternoon with groceries (thank God).  B has dance at 5.  
    • Wednesday-take B to school.  I WILL REST AFTER THAT.  I WILL.  She has dance portraits at 3:20 so I have to pick her up around 1:30 and bring her home to get ready for those.  Then take her to those and come home.  Lonnie is on call so I am on B duty all evening.  
    • Thursday- Brenda's first day on the job.  B has gymnastics at 9.  Come back home and work around the house with Brenda and Blakely.  This is a kinda "getting to know you and your house phase".  I feel a little awkward about it but I know it is going to work out.  Just have to get through these first few times.  But the main reason she is starting now is so I can get some rest if needed.  Well you tell me but I think it is pretty impossible to just lay on the couch while someone is in your house!  Especially since I kind of need to show her what I want her to do, what is off limits, etc.  I'm nervous.   
    • Friday-B is home with me all day.  I have to take her to my aunt's house at 1200 and meet my mom there.  Then I am going with mom to her pacemaker appointment in Litt.le R.ock at takes a little over an hour to get there....while B stays with Jenni.  If I feel up for it we are going to stop at R u.s to check out cribs and strollers real quick.  
    • Saturday-Can I get a day date with my honey?  Please?  
  • Yesterday was the first Sunday without football and it was weird!  I wasn't sure what to do with myself so I got my craft on.  I'd show you what I am working on but I need to see how it turns out first.  It is for the twins room.  Blakely is trying to help me because the girl looooves to craft.  
  • Well Jennifer just called and she isn't coming.  Grrrrrrr.  I am not happy about it but I understand (family stuff).  So now I have until B gets home to myself.  I want to get some stuff done (laundry, clean out my closet, dishes) but I know I should take this opportunity to relax.  
  • I guess that is all from here.  I am going to prop up on the couch and, well, I don't know.  My mind is telling me a million things I want to get done but my body is telling me to chill the eff out.  I am sure I will find a happy medium.  Happy Monday friends!