Wednesday, September 21, 2016

watermelon mini session

I signed the twins (and Blakely sometimes) up for a bunch of mini sessions throughout the year.  Our photographer (who is freaking amazing by the way) ran a deal where you could pay a deposit and she would have 8-10 mini sessions throughout the year that you would have first shot at.  Nothing too fancy but different fun things and sometimes seasonal.  You pay for each mini session (same amount as the deposit) and you get 20 minutes and 5 images.  Since I have 2 and I wanted separate pics I got double the time and double the images.  The first one was a watermelon smash.  The babies both LOVED the watermelon but especially Benton.  I love the idea of this and it is an easy way to get some cute pics without super stressing over family pictures, etc.  The second mini we skipped because we had fall family pictures but they were so adorable.  A mud pit with little piggies!  Anyway, here are my twiners when they were about 15 months old.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Benton and Emery's first birthday party!

I am surprised that I actually got a birthday party together for these two munchkins.  I did it super last minute and went with a polka dot theme.  Hello, easy.  

Lots of friend babies!

proudest big sister

best we could do of all of them!

aaaaand a pic of all the friend babies.  Not too bad...Emery hated it.  

It's al fun and games until Daddy lets you touch the candle...

whole lotta crying after that!