Monday, September 21, 2015

The fair!

Last Friday we took Blakely to the county fair.  I have been meaning to take her for years but something has always come up.  Usually we don't go because I am too freaked out about germs.  Last year I know it came to town right before I left for Denver so that was a no.  Then the year before that the flu was already showing up.  Not to mention it is still 100 degrees here and that just never sounds fun!  

Anyway, we wanted to take her this year so she could ride some rides because we are going to Disney in March and I wanted her to have some ride experience!  

I wasn't sure how she would do.  On the one hand, I knew that she would love them but, on the other hand, I thought she may be a little cautious about doing some of the things by herself.  

Well she loved all of it.  The first thing she did was a little obstacle course with a ball pit, rope ladder and a huge slide.  She pretty much wanted to do that over and over again and we had to remind her that there were other things to ride!  

She rode the teacups, some little motorcycles that go in a circle, some airplanes that go up and down and another little fun house all by herself.  She wasn't scared at all and had so much fun.  We went on the ferris wheel, the merry-go-round and the big slide together because she couldn't do those by herself.

She literally made this thing spin the whole time she was on it.  I was nauseated just watching her!  

She could have done this one herself but they wouldn't let her.  We rode it about 10 times.  

 We took a ton of selfies on the ferris wheel.  IT WAS SO HOT PEOPLE.  

It was a great night spent with just our girl.  She had a ball and keeps asking to go back.  I'm pretty sure Disney is going to be a super hit ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Florida 2015

About a month ago we took our annual Florida beach vacation.  We usually go in May but since I just had the babies that didn't work out.  My family goes again in August without my little family so we just decided to go with them then.  

It was quite the decision for me to go.  Lonnie DID NOT want to go at all but said that he would if I wanted him to.  I didn't really want to drive the 10 hours with 3 month old babies and Blakely without Lonnie.  But in the end I decided to just suck it up and do it.  He was going to have to do some major last minute trading of days off and that is nearly impossible for him.  I like to save him doing that for emergencies or when we REALLY need it.  I was just going to skip it altogether but we were going to stop in Alabama to see my brother and he had not met the babies.  Also, my grandmother goes and stays in the condo with me and she loves that time with my kids.  In the end I decided it was worth it to go for those reasons.  

My Grand had a great time being around the babies and Blakely.  She doesn't go to the beach so she spent a lot of time in the chair next to the babies who were on the floor.  She made them smile a lot and they started giggling on the trip.  She took a lot of pictures of them too.  Sidenote...My almost 80 year old grandmother had the best cell phone of all of us (me, my mom, my aunt, my cousin, Casey and Grand...I am the youngest by 25 years!).  The camera was amaze and I was constantly borrowing her phone because I had a crappy 4 (I got a new 6 the week we got back because seriously....)

But let me tell you, we will be flying next year!  The babies (and Blakely) did really well but it is a crazy amount of stress planning and preparing for meltdowns and I just don't care to drive that far with 3 kids again.  

Matt and the babes all have the same hairstyle!  

I was so happy to see my brother.  He is doing so well (fingers crossed) and he loves seeing Blakely.  I wish we had more days with him but we just stopped there on Friday night, hung out with him, then went to breakfast with him the next morning and then left town.  Too short!  But we did have a good time.  

chocolate covered marshmallows for dessert at breakfast because, why not?

Once we got to the beach Blakely was all kinds of excited.  She wanted to go play in the sand first thing.  I promised her we would but I like to get unpacked and situated first.  Finally it was time to let her go run free.  And boy did she.  She did cartwheels and forward rolls and jumps all over the sand.  We just went down before dark to put our toes in the water but it was hard to get her to come up and get ready for bed.  She loved it.  

The girl can do a cartwheel like a pro.  I took this from our balcony so not great but you get the idea.  

We usually go to dinner every night but since we had the babies we stayed in a some too.  Although they really did awesome when we went out!  

We played cards and games and Blakely fell asleep on the couch almost every night.  She NEVER does this at home so I kept taking pictures and sending them to Lonnie because I thought it was so cute. 

The babies did really good for being completely out of their environment.  I rented 2 pack n plays and that helped so much (so clean!  so easy!).  They slept well and napped well and we really started falling into a routine while there.  They played on the floor mostly or in someone's lap.  

I had a good time.  Vacationing with kids is just parenting in a different location but I did have a lot of help even though Lonnie wasn't with me.  My mom and my Grand would watch the babies while I took Blakely to the beach and then Jenni would would watch them some when I took B to the pool.  It was nice to have some fun time with her.  Honestly, I haven't had that much fun in the ocean since I was a kid.  The water was perfect and not too rough. I taught her how to body surf and how to jump over the waves so they wouldn't splash her.  We fell a lot and got knocked over a lot but it was oh so much fun.  I literally can't wait to take her to the beach again.  

It was also nice to get some time with the babies and let my family take Blakely to the beach.  I took naps with them and got to sleep in with them some too! 

It rained the first full day we were there and Blakely was so disappointed to not get to go play outside.  I decided to take her shopping and let her pick out some "treasures".  I took her to one of the little beach stores and she picked a ton of, well, crap!  But I let her and she had a ball doing it.  

I did take the babies to the beach one evening.  Only to get a picture and to say that I did.  This was the first ocean Blakely had her toes in and I wanted the same kind of picture with the babies.  They hated it of course.  It was too bright for them and they were hungry.  So I quickly snapped a few and got the heck back inside!  

I dreaded the drive home the entire time.  We weren't stopping and it is a 10+ hour drive with babies.  But we did it and it wasn't awful.  It was hard but it wasn't totally traumatizing!  One of the babes was in the third row with Blake and she was very helpful in putting a pacifier back in or dangling a toy for them.  My mom rode on the second row with the other baby and did the same thing.  I drove the whole time.  I am weird and won't let anyone else drive me (or the kids really).  

We missed Lonnie a lot!  He was off the following week so it was really like 2 weeks of vacation for us.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The twins are 4 months old!

My sweet babies turned 4 months old on August 27th.  All of the sudden they are looking like big ol babies and not itty bitty babies that you have to cradle all the time.  Where does the time go?  

no smiles out of Benton man today :(

Sleeping:  I guess we will start with sleeping.  The babies are really doing good here.  We do have some rough nights but overall I don't think I could ask for things to be going better.  Typically we put them to bed between 8 and 9pm and on a good night they will sleep until 5 before eating again.  On a bad night they (Benton) wake up at 3 to eat again.  

  • Emery:  This girl is my good sleeper.  She would sleep all night long (at least 10 hours plus) if her brother didn't wake up to eat before then.  She goes to bed well and without her pacifier.  I still have her arms in the swaddle because she flails about and wakes herself up still but once I swaddle her up she goes right to sleep.  For naps she sleeps good but needs a pacifier to get to sleep then.

  • Benton:  Oh Benny.  Honestly he is a good sleeper but if anyone is going to be waking me up 3 hours into sleeping it will be him.  Most of the time though he does good and sleeps until 4-5 am.  On a really bad night he wakes up at midnight-2am and wants to be in bed with me before he calms down.  Those nights are hard and happen about once a week or so but I do love the snuggles and that he wants to be close to me.  He loves holding my hand with both of his hands while he falls back asleep. 

Naps:  The babes still take a nap between each feeding.  They are about to be able to make it from one feeding to the next without a small nap but not quite yet.  About a week and a half ago (while we were at the beach) they started taking a long (2.5-3 hour) nap in the afternoon.  I feed them about 12-1230 and they stay awake for about 10-20 minutes and then they go right to sleep.  They want to sleep on their tummies for this nap so I let them.  

  • Emery:  I always have to wake her up from the nap and I hate that.  Benton always wakes up first and I try to pacify him until she wakes up but usually he is about to lose it because he is so hungry.  
  • Benton:  This boy is starting to not sleep as much during the day.  He takes an awesome nap in the afternoon though which I love.  I kinda forgot my love of the nap but holy moly it is great.  

Feeding: still breastfeeding and pumping.  They get a one bottle a day or every other day of breast milk just to make sure they still like the bottle.  Emery has decided that she doesn't want to eat when Benton eats and she screams her head off.  So I am mainly feeding them individually.  I don't mind that at all but sometimes I would like to spend a little less time feeding, ha!  We keep trying and I know soon she will get over it (please?)

Diapers:   wearing mainly cloth diapers (prefolds with covers).  I did pull out all of Blakely's pocket and one size diapers the other day.  Benton can fit in them but Emery is still a little too small so we are sticking with the prefolds and covers until we can both make the switch. When they wear disposables they wear a size 2 and it is a little big on Emery.

Clothing:  Clothing is so weird.  Then clothing with cloth diapers is super weird.  

  • Benton wears a 3-6 month with cloth diapers on but he can fit in some 3 months stuff with a disposable on.  When I packed for the beach it was all 3-6 months stuff and it was a little big because I didn't take cloth to the beach.  

  • Emery is in 3 month stuff no matter the diaper.  She is almost outgrowing some of it with cloth on.  I give her a couple of weeks.  

Weight: Benton is 13 lbs even and Emery is 11 lbs 4 oz.  Wew go back in a month for a weight check although our pedi says they are 

Height:  Benton is 25 inches and Emery is 24 1/4 inches

Hair Color:  Well they are both pretty bald!  

  • Benton has less hair all over.  In pictures he looks totally bald but he really does have hair.  It is very light but I can't tell if it is going to be blonde or light brown like Blakely's.  
  • Emery has more hair than Benton but still not a whole lot.  She has a big bald spot in the back and then a triangle patch of hair under that close to her neck.  Her hair was darker at birth but it seems to be coming in lighter?  Hard to tell right now.  

Eye Color:  They both have blue eyes with Em's being a lighter blue (like mine) and Benton's a darker blue (like Lonnie's).

A few other things I want to remember:

  • We took our first trip to the beach with the babies.  It was crazy and wonderful all at the same time.  I'll put all those details in another post but I am glad we did it but I will not be driving that long again.  
  • They are both rolling from front to back.  Emery did it on 8-3 and Benton on 8-6.  
  • Emery did a full on belly laugh for the first time on 8-15...while we were at the beach.  She has done it a few times since but mainly just little giggles here and there.  
  • The twins got to meet some of their new friend babies this month!  
My friend Katie had her baby girl (her son is 5 months younger than Blakely).  Hannah weighed 9 and a half pounds and already outweighs my sweet Emery!  

And our friend Keisha had her baby girl, Kollyns, and she was also 9 lbs and will very soon outweigh my petite Em.  (E was hangry)  
  • Emery notices Benton all the time.  She will just stare at him and watch what he is doing.  He is basically oblivious that she even exists.  Not really.  He would just much rather watch me.  Or the fan.  Or Blakely.

  • I always let Blakely pick our their pajamas each night.  Well Emmers has A LOT more pajamas than Benners.  He has 2 that fit and 2 gowns that fit.  One night he didn't have any clean so Blakely picked out the purple ones and went on this big spill about how boys can wear purple and he looks good in purple and on and on.  It was pretty cute.  Since then she picks out the girly pink ones for him about 1/2 the time! 
Boy looks good in purple!  

  • The twins got to meet Uncle Matty (my brother) this month!  We stopped in Alabama to see him on our way to the beach.  

  • They don't hate their stroller.  I love this thing but we are rapidly needing a new double stroller instead of just this frame.  I literally can not make a decision about what to get. I need something that maneuvers easily and they can use right now as well as when they are much bigger.  Too many options!

  • I have a feeling we are getting another Daddy's girl.  Emery will be fussy as can be before Lonnie gets home and then he walks in the door and talks to her and she is fine.  

  • Blakely still wants to hold the babies a lot.  But when she is done she is done and she just plops them off and gets up!  I keep telling her she has to tell me and wait for me to pick them up but she's already over it.  :/
  • I took them both to the eye doctor with me one day.  I thought it would be easy breezy.  It only takes about 30 minutes and I fed them right before.  I figured they would be happy or even go to sleep.  Nope.  They cried.  And cried more.  I don't know what the deal was except maybe the bright lights and weird place freaked them out?  Basically I am traumatized to take them anywhere by myself ever again.  
  • We are liking tummy time these days!  

Daily Routine: We are getting into a steady routine.  But I know all too well that once you get comfortable things will change!  But for now we have about the same routine as last month.  7 feedings a day.  First one about 7 to 730 am and down for the night between 8-9pm with one middle of the night feeding.  

Happy 4 months my sweet sweet babies!  I still sometimes look down at the both of you and have a mild panic set in that I have TWO babies!  How did this mama get so lucky?  I love you both so much and you bring so much joy to my life.  I love making you smile and being able to comfort you.  I can't wait to watch you continue to grow!