Monday, February 13, 2012

Nature themed baby shower

First of all, my girl is 4 months old today!  I seriously can't even believe it.  I will have a detailed post coming after her doctor's appointment next Monday.

About a week ago, four of my friends and I hosted a shower for our friend Katie.  She is due in early March with her sweet boy, Eli Thomas.  We have already arranged Blakely and Eli's marriage ;)

We had the shower at my house.  I enjoy hosting showers but, let me tell you, it is much harder to do with my little one and my injured mother staying with us.  I was pretty stressed the week leading up to the shower.  There was just so much to do!  Not only did I have to get my house presentable but I had to get me, Blakely, and my mom presentable as well.  You might not think that would be a lot but, trust me, it was.  It took two days to get all three of us showered, hair dried, hair fixed, clothes picked out, clothes cleaned, and clothes on!  It was craziness....

It all turned out wonderful though and Katie had a great time.  She got lots of cute stuff for her little one.  We sort of did a nature theme.  Eli's room is blues, greens and browns.  She has a couple of tree decals on his walls so that is where we got the idea.  Katie and her husband both love the outdoors so we thought it was a great theme for her shower.  I thought I would share some pics of it with y'all! 

This was set up in the entryway

This was a wishing tree that I made.  I just gathered sticks from my yard, spray painted them brown and then stuck them in a vase with decorative rocks in the bottom.  I thought it turned out great!  

These were the wishes for Eli cards that Sarah made.  Everyone filled one out and hung it on the wishing tree.  

Sarah and I made these twine wrapped letters.  We bought the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and then got the thick twine and wrapped them.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  They turned out really cute but with one drawback.  The twine smelled like cow manure..not cool.  I sprayed them with some vanilla spray every hour for like 2 days and that helped a ton.  I think if you got the small jute twine you wouldn't have this problem...but it would take you longer to make.  

Party favors...seeds for the guests to plant.  

Diaper cake.  We had a lady make the cake and then we decorated it.  

Burlap bunting...also got this ides from Pinterest.  This turned out so freakin' cute and it was so very easy.  We just cut the burlap into triangles and then painted the letters on with stencils....then painted the polka dots.  We hot glued the triangles on to the thick twine that we used to wrap the letters.  

This was the arrangement on my kitchen table.  I ordered all of the flowers because I am super tight with the owner of the best flower shop in town.  And by super tight I mean he did my wedding and he totally understands what I like.  Anyway,  I love hydrangeas and I knew that is what I wanted for the shower.  This was the big arrangement and it had green, white, and blue hydrangeas, with white roses.  I had him tie a piece of burlap around the vases with a green ribbon....keeping with the theme.  

coffee table

Food table in my dining room.  I did two flower arrangements in here and Sarah and I bought the balls and the tree at Hobby.Lobby.  Burlap for the table runner.  

"acorns"  Got this from Pinterest as well.  

 These were "mushrooms".  Mozzerella cubes topped with halved grape tomatoes and covered with Italian dressing and feta cheese.  

Petite fours with leaves and E's on them.  Petite fours are a tradition at our showers.  We all have had them at our wedding showers and baby showers.  

These were "birds nests".  Sarah made these and I swear she put crack in them...I could NOT stop eating them.

Jenny made this cheese ball in the shape of a pine cute and so yummy as well!

My living room... 

My living room again.  My poor mom was propped up in the recliner because of her ankle.  She was such a trooper.  I know it was painful for her to be in the recliner that long but she did so so good!  

Me and the mommy to be

me and my BFF(do they even say that anymore?) Sarah

All of the hostesses.  Tina, Jenny, Sarah, me, and Courtney.  Courtney is pregnant and due at the end of April.  I am hosting her shower at the end of March.  It was going to be the beginning of March but I just had WAY TOO MUCH on my plate so I moved the date.  I already have so many cute ideas for her shower :)

 The hostesses with Katie.  

We all had a a great time celebrating the new mommy to be.  I am so glad I did it yet so glad it's over!  Now it's time to plan the next one!

If you can't tell...I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest.  I mean seriously.  I have gotten so many cute ideas from there.  I am about to start searching for ideas for Father's Day for Lonnie.  Let me know if you want to follow me!  

Happy Monday y'all!  


  1. So cute!l you're good at party planning :) I'm terrible at it! Maybe pinterest will help me this year with Logan's bday!

  2. So cute!!! You can plan my next shower????
    I love pinterest too! I all ready have a's 1st bday planned . . . The hungry caterpillar!!!!
    I would love to follow you!

  3. Wow! You did an amazing job on the shower.I LOVE Pinterest too! How do I follow you? I have mine connected to my Facebook so those are the only people I know how to follow.

  4. Not only did you do a fabulous job, but your photography skills were pretty awesome too!

  5. Wow I'm impressed! Looks like you thought of everything for the shower. You look great too!

  6. What a beautiful shower!! Gotta love pinterest!

  7. What a great theme for a shower! Everything was so beautiful. Pinterest always has great ideas, and you really did an amazing job!

  8. You get the hostess with the mostest award no doubt! That all looked so great, I love the theme!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I agree with Miss Mac... hostest with the mostest for sure! I love your style!!! Very creative.

  10. What a beautiful shower you hosted! As for the banner/bunting, did you just (hot) glue the triangles right onto twine, or did you fold the top over the twine and hot glue it, sandwiching the twine between the triangle? Hope that makes sense! And what kind Of stencil? I was thinking of printing out the letters I need and trading over it with the burlap on top...